Makaton Monday ~ The Over Under ‘Adventure’

I might have mentioned previously that Bruiser is OBSESSED with the Octonauts. You may have seen my post about how I made his Octonauts birthday cake. For those not familiar with the Octonauts, it is a cartoon on cbeebies for toddlers loosely based on some sea creatures / animals that ‘search rescue and protect’ other sea creatures. Not only is it a lovely cartoon, it is also very educational. My boys have learnt a lot, myself included!

Over under adventure

This was Bruiser exploring his new ‘OctoMax Suit’ that he bought with his Christmas money. With all his Octonauts toys very neatly lined up by size type/character in the background 🙂 On this occasion we watched ‘The Gulper Eeel’ episode on repeat as its the episode that features the OctoMax Suit.

Bruiser has collected all the characters and all the gups (the sea vehicles). He watches the cartoon everyday about 20-30 times. He reads the books at bedtime. He knows each individual episode from the opening few seconds of each one and which characters are in that episode. When you read to him, he knows what the rest of each page reads from the first line alone. (he has a fantastic memory)

When he watches the cartoon he goes off and collects the gups and characters he needs and then copies the episode with his toys. When its finished he will go off somewhere and reenact what he has seen, action for action and sometimes word for word! When he watches a new episode he’s not seen before he watches it repeatedly until he knows it. This time period is quite hard going for us all as Bruiser remains zoned in and doesn’t and wont do anything else.

Living with Bruiser and this obsession means we have to be on the ball with it too. We need to know and watch each episode with the same passion. When Bruiser wants a certain episode we need to know which one it is from the characters or gup that he is playing with. This is no easy feat when we have over 50 episodes in the sky+ box. As you can imagine there are a lot of meltdowns. As well as we know them too, it is the communication barrier which lets us down in our understanding of Bruiser.

Last week, a whole new series of Octonauts started. One particular one was an extra long special called ‘The Over Under Adventure’ which was on, on friday evening. (we’ve watched this over 50 times since then already!!). This gave us an opportunity to show Bruiser a new sign to communicate the name of the episode. For ‘adventure’ we are using the sign for ‘trip/outing’. He already knows ‘over’ and ‘under’. He took to using it straight away and has used it several times today (sunday).





Bruiser signs this without a second hand in position. We are working on the sign and repeating it back to him correctly when he uses it. I know within the week he will have corrected the sign himself!



Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



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