Supporting Bliss & Their Mothers Day Appeal

Mother’s Day. For me it is a day of mixed emotions. On one hand im still mourning the loss of my own Mum three years ago. Whilst on the other hand, I’m remembering how lucky I am to have brought two amazing little boys into the world who I love beyond all words. On Mother’s day I want nothing more than to kick back and enjoy my day with them.

For some Mummy’s out there, they won’t be so lucky this year. For them, Mother’s Day won’t be what they ever thought it would be. Some are sat by an incubator looking through it, looking at their baby, their world and wishing, hoping that they could touch them, hold them, be a Mummy to them. Its even more heart breaking to know that there are some mourning the loss of their baby. For these Mummy’s this must be one of the hardest days of all.

My youngest little boy Bruiser was born 10-weeks premature and spent 28 days on the NNU, the first two weeks of his life, he spent fighting for his life. He was so poorly, nobody thought he would make it. Those days were the most frightening days of our lives and that pain and heart ache will never leave me.

bliss mothers day appeal

Bruiser did get better though and it was the life saving care of the doctors and nurses on the NNU that helped him through it. It was the care and support we received from the staff on the NNU that helped us through the most traumatic experience of our lives.

Bliss for over 35 years have been giving this life saving care and support to both the babies and their families. Without the generous support of donations a lot of what they do would not be possible and so many of those babies would not be here today, Bruiser included.

It pains me to think back to Bruisers birth and those first few weeks of life. It pains me to think that there are Mummy’s going through that on Mother’s Day. A day when they should be able to celebrate.

This year I have decided that I am going to donate what would ordinarily be spent on cards, flowers, wine, chocolates for me, to Bliss to help them continue doing what they do best. I am supporting Bliss’ Mother’s Day Appeal. On Mother’s Day I will get to hold my babies, cuddle them, kiss them, tickle them and laugh and giggle with them. Isn’t that the most precious gift of all?

Please help make this Mother’s Day amazing – and make your donation to Bliss today.

Mothercare has kindly agreed to match gifts made to the Mother’s Day appeal up to a limit of £10,000. So, for example, a £20 donation from you would be turned into £40 – this could provide more parents with the information to help them understand what is happening to their baby at a critical time. A £40 donation from you would be turned into £80 – this could support more Bliss Nurses, who can help anxious parents struggling to cope as their precious baby fights for survival. A £75 donation from you would be turned into £150 – this could support vital research that could transform the future for premature and sick babies everywhere.

bliss mothers day appeal

Every penny WILL make a difference.

Click here to make your donation to Bliss’ Mother’s Day appeal now. I have…

bliss mothers day appeal

P.s. Make your donation for even further… don’t forget gift aid! 


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