Makaton Monday ~ Rocket

Bruiser loves Space and Rockets, FACT!! But those of you that follow my blog already know that don’t you 🙂

When we first started using Makaton with Bruiser, we were advised by his speech and language therapist that we needed to first use the signs that got him his needs across first and foremost, ie food, drink, favorite toy etc. But, his obsession with space and rockets was so great that we knew we had to find a way of finding out what the signs were to help him communicate his obsession. (unfortunately these weren’t included in any of the literature we were given and our SALT didn’t know them either)

We searched high and low for the signs and eventually came across something on the Makaton website in their Makachat forum. Someone else had asked for the sign for Rocket! It wasnt the sign picture but an explanation on how to do the sign.

“The sign for “space rocket” is your non dominant hand, flat palm down about chest height, and your dominant hand, with your index finger-pointing upwards. The dominant hand is behind the flat hand and shoots upwards finger first like a rocket” 

This was all we needed to know. Once Bruiser started using the sign, it wasnt long before the sounds came too and in his own little way he could then say ‘dotit’. The sense of relief we all felt at this time was amazing. We could all breathe a sign of relief.

A while after discovering ‘Rocket’, purely by chance we recorded a Something Special episode (as we do EVERYDAY) and this particular episode was about Space. So thank you to Justin and Mr Tumble, Bruiser could then also sign ‘Space Man’ ‘Space’ ‘Moon’ ‘Space Suit’. These few little signs enabled him to then play with his brother imaginatively. Wriggler did the imaginative stuff, Bruiser played along and they ‘talked’ in sign whilst playing.

These days their play is more verbal but Bruiser still throws in the signs.





bruiser signing rocket

This is Bruiser signing ROCKET on bonfire night back in 2012. As you can imagine Rockets were his favorite firework 🙂


Only yesterday we watched a brand new episode of Something Special about the Planetarium. Another great episode that got Bruiser wanting to make a rocket just like Justin and….  we learnt a new sign to further feed his space obsession 😀


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.




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