Cold Turkey

When someone mentions cold turkey most people immediately think of the withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off drink or drugs for example. Not, the giving up of something for Lent.

Lent is a religious ‘thing’ and I was brought up to be religious. Since becoming an adult my views, beliefs have changed somewhat, in fact they’ve changed a lot. However, something that has stayed with me is the giving up of something for Lent which I do now purely for the challenge and nothing else.

Rewind three few weeks, Pancake Day. I was in turmoil over what I should give up. I knew it had to be something big and I wanted it to be different from the norm (chocolate). I toyed with the idea of alcohol, bread, milk, social media, house work even (lol). But none of those would have been the challenge I was wanting, that I needed.

Giving up alcohol isn’t enough of a challenge for me, don’t get me wrong, ive done it before, I’ve even taken part in Dry January and although I missed having the odd drink, it didn’t really rattle me. I’ve given up bread before too. This I’ll admit was hard, but purely from a convenience perspective. I did loose nearly a stone in weight though, it would appear that bread is rather fattening, even the brown variety! It quickly found its way back to me once my normal diet resumed!

no chocolate

I knew it would come down to chocolate at the end of the day. It always does. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! I eat some every single day. Me and Hubby will easily consume sometimes 3-4 200g bars between us in the evenings while watching tv, or the odd box of Cadbury’s hero’s. Not to mention the rest that I eat during the day and pinching from the boys. The only chocolate worth eating though is Cadbury’s. In its purest form, ie dairy milk but, my new love is Cadbury’s Creations, the one with the popping candy and jelly bits in. It’s just divine. Oh and mini eggs, can’t forget those… (now im getting carried away just talking about it ha ha)

I have previously given up chocolate for lent and it almost killed me (metaphorically speaking of cause) and its killing me all over again. Today I am three-weeks into a six-week stint. I can smell it a mile off and whilst im offsetting the cravings with jelly sweets for the moment, they have nothing on chocolate!!

I can’t even put my feet up with a hot drink when I get back from the school run because I instantly want to reach for the whispa hot chocolate.

Baking is out too for the time being, I couldn’t possibly make something as yummy as this and not tuck in or lick a bowl.

So, whilst no im technically not going Cold Turkey, it certainly feels like I am to me. Chocolate is my vice.

I only hope that my cravings (which no doubt by Easter Sunday will have turned to sheer desperation) are satisfied with a Cadbury’s easter egg … ill have earned it if nothing else! 😉

… and on that note, I have spied with my beady eye…

Cadbury’s Mini Egg Easter Egg

Cadbury’s Creations Easter Egg

Dairy Milk Easter Egg

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