I Did It!!!

It’s been a long agonising frustrating 46 days and 46 nights but I did it. I gave up chocolate, all chocolate, chocolate of all descriptions and in all forms, for lent!

It’s been sooooooo hard. I almost caved more than a few times more so when I went into the cupboard for a biscuit and all I could smell was chocolate. It’s amazing how much you notice the smell when you go without. It’s never smelt so amazing!!

I’ve also gained weight too (roughly a stone!) which I don’t quite understand. I eat a lot of chocolate ordinarily so this did surprise me. Hubby seems to think my cupboard trawling is to blame. I’ve eaten a lot more sweets and biscuits than I wouldn’t normally eat and also other more savory food that I’ve cooked in-between meals in my attempts to fend off the cravings.

People have been tempting me along the way too but Wriggler bless him as reminded everyone time and time again. His support has been brilliant. It was only the other week my Dad asked if I wanted a chocolate bar and for a minute I forgot myself and grabbed one but, immediately Wriggler shouted at me, ‘NOOOOOO Mummy you can’t. She’s given it up for lent Grandad!!’ Only yesterday he was doing it again in full knowledge this time and offering me Thornton’s chocolate liquor!

Playing Easter Bunny last night though was tough, all that chocolate in front of me and then filling the little egg-hunt eggs up for the boys with mini eggs and not been able to eat even one.

i did it

I waited up till midnight though and almost ate my way through one of the biggest bags of mini eggs I’ve ever had!! I actually felt sick afterwards, that’s never happened before. Maybe I need to ease my way back into the chocolate!

I have been rewarded for my efforts though. I bought myself an egg (I knew hubby would forget to get me one) and hid it away with the kids’ until today…. it won’t last long im sure!

i did it

The amount the kids get is usually quite obscene though so I consider it my duty as a responsible parent to make sure they don’t eat too much and help them out where I can. They know themselves they don’t want any cavities…. ;-p


Have you given anything up for lent? How did you get on? Congratulations if you succeeded too. Now tuck into whatever it was, you’ve earned it!!

Happy Easter Everyone.



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