Makaton Monday ~ Pretend

Lets Pretend. This is big at the moment in our house. Whilst it’s always been a huge part of Wrigglers play, its something which Bruiser really struggles with.

Part of his play therapy is to get him engaging in imaginative role play. It’s not as easy you’d first think! However, Wriggler has been amazing and has really taken the lead away from us with this. He does the imagining and Bruiser just follows his lead. They play all sorts together, shops, mummy‘s and daddy‘s, pirates, doctors, teachers. Wriggler tries to get Bruiser offering his ideas but he usually stands there looking lost.

Over time though, this pretend play with Wriggler has given him the confidence to want to play without him. This is huge!! He doesn’t make up his own play, he copies word for word, action for action what Wriggler has done with him. But that’s a start and something to work on. He’s even engaged in ‘pretend teacher’ play at nursery for very short snippets of time with other children. Bruiser will now come home from nursery and sign that he wants to ‘play pretend teachers’. It usually involves me sitting crossed legged on the floor while he ‘reads’ me a book. I then get a stamp for good listening. We have snack and then we are done. Then we repeat it again, and again, and again…. We aren’t allowed to change the routine of the play though as this throws him and because he’s got to think of something to imagine, he quickly becomes very anxious and eventually tells us that ‘me don’t know’.

This sign isn’t the easiest to learn. It took Bruiser a little while to master as there are two parts to the sign. But he uses it all the time at the moment. It’s lovely to see that he wants to imagine 🙂






Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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