It Started With A Trickle….

Eight years ago today at precisely 8.30am I woke up. It was a normal Sunday. We were getting up quite early as we were going shopping for a few last bits, a baby bath, a camera to capture those first moments and a printer to share them with everyone.

There was only 12 days left till our expected due date which was the 2nd June. The nursery was finished, albeit 4 days ago.

wrigglers birth

Me Hubby & (full term) Bump

Everything had been opened, cleaned, the cot was made up. All we needed was a our little boy.

Something didn’t feel quite right though. Id been having twinges all week and people had joked that he was on his way. I didn’t believe it though, first babies don’t usually come early from what id read. Hahaha, How wrong was I?!

I sat on the toilet that morning while we talked through the door. When I tried to ‘stop myself’, (yes I know, TMI) nothing happened!! Eeeeeek! Had my waters gone?? Now, I’d always thought that when your waters broke they went with a gush, but no mine was a constant trickle. It had started, this was it, our little boy was on his way.

The only thing that went through my mind in that moment was a very panicked, oh shit ive got to give birth!!!

After packing myself up with what felt like a mattress down my pants. I called the labour ward. They wanted me to come in.

I felt fine in myself, no twinges or contractions that I was aware of. We made the half hour journey to the hospital and was showed through to a birthing suite. I was hooked up to a monitor which was listening to our baby’s heart beat and recorded movements. We had a cup of tea and just talked. I was feeling quite relaxed by now. The midwife came to see me and examine me and confirmed my waters had gone, she did a swab to check for infections. My baby’s heart was fine, movements were as they should be and there was also a few little peaks indicating small contractions. She told me that she expected to see me again in the next 24 hours but in any event I was scheduled for an induction if labour hadn’t started for Tuesday morning at 7am.

That was it we could go home. I called my Mum and Dad on the way home, to tell them the news. Shopping was off the cards now 😦 While I felt absolutely fine, Hubby didn’t want me out and about just in case. So, we arranged for my sister-in-law and hubby’s brother to come round. She stayed with me while Hubby went shopping with his brother for the bits we needed. All I cared about now was a camera!! Just in case Hubby showed my sister-in-law how to apply the tens machine pads to my back if necessary! Haha, I think she was secretly hoping that it wasnt necessary 😉

As the day passed, I started having more and more twinges though, few and far between but I had started to really feel them now!!

Hubby came back with an all singing all dancing camera. He then set about looking after me like I was a queen 🙂 He was amazing. He cooked us all a huge fry up, the full works. I was going to need the energy apparently. He started scrubbing the house too to make it extra clean.

When we were on our own later that evening, he ran me a warm deep bath as my back was aching now. I was eager to get the shears on my legs but hubby didn’t want me cutting myself if a contraction came on 🙂

We cuddled and talked that night and then went to bed about midnight.

That was to be our last ever night on our own as a couple.

2 thoughts on “It Started With A Trickle….

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! How lovely….What a great last night before giving birth…..You’re hubby sounds like a star!! What a caring man 🙂 x


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