Makaton Monday ~ Dirty

Dirty. I must use/hear this word a hundred times day. Its mere meaning is the source of a lot of tears in our house.

Being dirty is a huge sensory issue for Bruiser. Rewind 2 years and Bruiser wouldn’t do or eat ANYTHING that got him dirty or looked dirty. This included; toast for example, it had to be dried out but not going brown. Chips or nuggets weren’t allowed to take on the golden look in the oven. Everything he ate was (and still is) a pale anaemic looking beige colour. Everytime he ate he liked to know that his food was clean and not hot (another sensory issue)!

Playing out, his bike wheels couldn’t go through puddles or mud, sand was a big no-no as it got in his shoes. Play-doh, baking anything where he had to touch was out of the question.

Those few little things are just a scratch on the surface of the full extent of his issues. Whilst nothing much has changed over the years, thanks to his therapies and our blood, sweat and tears, his tolerance levels are much better. We still have bad bad days but, we have very good days too.

This sign was one of the first ten signs we ever taught Bruiser when he was completely none verbal when he couldnt tell us what was making his life so unbearable some days. This sign means a lot to us all as a family. It was one of the first signs that made a difference.





Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.






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