Makaton Monday ~ Roller Skates

Since Bruiser was a baby, anything that spun or had wheels would capture his attention every time. They have always been source of fascination for him. He spins every wheel he ever comes into contact with. Its his go to distraction too when he is feeling anxious or is outside his comfort zone ie strange places, new people. The bottom of my handbag is littered with toy cars, bikes, helicopters amongst his other distractions.

So imagine his surprise one weekend visiting his Auntie when he discovered some roller skates in her conservatory. ‘tooes with weeoos!!!!!’ (shoes with wheels) was his very response as he came out with a beaming smile on his face with his discovery.

He instantly got down on the carpet with them, he spun the wheels, laid down and watched them roll over the carpet, then the sofa, then a table. forwards backwards forwards backwards.

When he was done, we got the infamous question from him. ‘Wot are dey bore Mumee?’ (What are they for mummy)… and so began his love affair with roller skates. Every time we went to his Aunts he would go straight to them. They now reside at home with us. They’re bright pink, FiFi & The flower Tots roller skates but he doesn’t care. They’re ‘tooes with weeoos!!!!!’


roller skates




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