Making A Change For The Better (Step 2)

I’m a strong believer that caffeine makes the world go round and let’s face it, life with young children demands caffeine. There’s no getting away from it. All parents are sleep deprived in some way shape or form. We are also so busy that we need that pick me up at some point during the day. Or maybe lots of times during the day… That’s me!!

Bruiser doesn’t sleep well at all, fact. I’m constantly on my feet all day, and trying to keep my head together while two boys litter my head with demands, needs, wants all at the same time as well as dealing with the difficulties Bruiser encounters on a daily basis, the grey matter needs to be in tip-top condition. The last six weeks have seen me turn into a full-time coffee guzzler and I’m usually an occasional tea girl!

Since the little people have returned to school though, I don’t need that pick me up anymore but yet that need for coffee is still there, like an addiction and I don’t like it. Yes im still tired from lack of sleep but I need to cut back on the caffeine. I need to detox!

I already drink a lot more water these days since I made my first change for the better a few months ago. That’s going great. But I need to replace the coffee for something. So, ive bought some green tea with a twist, Twinnings Gingerbread GreenTea!

making a change for the better

I’ve always been a lover of green tea but only ever been able to drink it hot because of the aftertaste when it’s cooled down. But this is lovely and not bitter. Its warming and the aroma makes me feel cosy and relaxed.

Evenings need a change too. I stop drinking coffee after 5pm in an evening otherwise id be bright-eyed all night long. So ive been getting the caffeine fix albeit not as strong from drinking fizzy pop, by the gallons! (its ro refreshing!) I’ve chosen to replace this with juice and Camomile Tea.

making a change for the better

Whilst I’ve never been a Camomile fan, it is relaxing and I hope that it will help me switch off and unwind with the hope I might sleep better for it. Obviously thats when Bruiser is feeling generous in the sleep department anyway.

While i’m also in ‘body is temple’ mood, im drinking my favourite, hot lemon water! In essence its sliced lemon in freshly boiled water. Its great when you’re feeling sluggish and has great detoxifying properties.

making a change for the better

I’m day one into my change and the headaches are already kicking in…. how bad is that?!! But, im hoping by the end of the weekend I will have turned myself around enough and be feeling much better for it.

 Wish me luck!


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