Charities Close To My Heart

Bliss For premature and special care babies


The Makaton Charity Bruisers voice!

  • I can not put into words what this charity means to us as a family my emotions always get the better of me. Bruiser stopped talking when he was 15 months old (a major red flag of autism we were later told). Suddenly he was plunged into an uncommunicative, frustrating, frightening world. Speech and Language Therapy introduced us to Makaton as a form of communication that has changed the way we interact as a family completely and given my little Bruiser A VOICE!
  • Makaton Gave My Son A Voice
  • Makaton Monday


Blood Do something Amazing!! Give blood, save a life

  • I have a confession to make. Before Bruiser came into the world, I wasn’t a donor of blood or organs. It was something that i’m ashamed to admit never occurred to me. When Bruiser was born, he had a blood count of 2.2 (should be 19), he’d literally bled to almost death inside of me. He needed several life saving blood transfusions and eventually a total blood replacement. If it wasn’t for the amazing people who gave their blood, he would NEVER have survived.
  • I am now a donor of EVERYTHING and I want the world to know it. In the event of my untimely death, I want as much of me taken as possible and transplanted into other people to give them life.
  • Despite my fear of needles (it’s as bad as that of spiders, you know; heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, frozen to the spot!!), I now also give blood on a very regular basis and have done since Bruiser was 9mths old. Wriggler thinks it is amazing that my blood can be used to save other people’s lives. He knows it is the gift of blood that saved Bruiser and when he is a grown up he too wants to help save other people. 


The National Autistic Society Accept difference. Not indifference.

  • This is a new Charity that has come into our lives over the last five years. Their website has been a wealth of information and helpful advice to help us get through the meltdowns, the sensory issues, the sleeping problems, the eating problems. We have also undertaken their EarlyBird Plus course which was invaluable.


Sibs For brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults

  • Sibs are the only UK charity that represent the needs of the siblings of disabled people.
  • Id never heard of this Charity until we were put in touch with them a few years back when we were banging on the doors of anyone and everyone that would listen. We were struggling with Bruiser and his difficulties, no body seemed to be listening to us or taking us seriously enough. We were suffering, Bruiser was suffering and unfortunately, Wriggler was suffering… Suffering in Silence.
  • Through them we were put in touch with a sibling support group in our local area that was run by Barnados. This was aimed a young children with a brother or sister with a disability. The one Wriggler attended was for those with a sibling with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He loved it. He met a lot of other children, his age that he could relate to, they could talk and share experiences, they had fun, played games, did crafts all whilst learning more about the disability their sibling had. They had various health professionals, nurses, psychiatrists that the children could talk to and ask questions. Wriggler came away from this with a greater understanding about what was going on at home. They were able to make him understand on a level me and his Daddy could have never done.


Love Your Liver

  • Somethings never get any easier to talk about, even after all these years. Whilst I don’t yet feel strong enough to talk about why this Charity means so much to me (a story for another day perhaps), I will say that my attitude to alcohol and drinking has changed my life beyond all recognition.


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