Just Like Mummy Used To Make

My Mum was an AMAZING cook. Everything I know about food, preparing food and cooking food I learnt from her. I think that’s where my love of food comes from.

She didn’t just influence me either, it was a family affair. One of my brothers is a Chef. (He was the same brother that once said that he’d never leave home because he loved our Mum’s Apple Pies too much πŸ™‚ He did leave home eventually though, he became a Chef in the Royal Navy!)

Nothing was ever too much of a challenge in the kitchen for my Mum and that definitely rubbed off onto us all over the years.Β My Dad now enjoys getting into the kitchen and preparing all his own meals. He uses all my Mum’s recipes and he’s even started getting a little adventurous and tweaking them and he’s started creating his own dishes!

My Mum was also the master of cake decoration. She was taught by her own Grandmother when she was a young girl. She made us the most amazing birthday cakes when we were little. I always said that I would make cakes just the same for my children one day. I never did get the chance before she passed away but im sure she would have been very proud of the few that I have made in the last few years.

Sadly I lost my wonderful Mum three yearsΒ ago. But, her legacy lives on…. (All the recipes im sharing on this page were her own and they don’t deserve to spend eternity in a book that no one sees)

Miss you Mum xx

Miss you Mum xx


Banana & Walnut Cake

Decorating Our Christmas Cake

Fruit Scones

Happy Months (Mince Pies)

Meat & Tatty Pie

Mum’s Christmas Cake

Octonauts Birthday Cake

Perfect Pastry

Pumpkin Pie

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spiderman Birthday Cake

The Perfect Sponge Cake

Thundercats Birthday Cake

Twinkle Stars


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