Then Came The Oooooooooooo….

I was used to waking up in the night by now. Bump wriggling around, needing the toilet, uncomfortable, you know the drill when you are eight and a half months pregnant.

But I was half awake and I didn’t know why. Bump wasn’t wriggling, I didn’t need the toilet, I was reasonably comfy considering. I tried to nod back off to sleep. Then came the Oooooooooooo. It made me sit straight up. It was a ‘mild’ contraction when I look back now. But it didn’t bloody feel like it at the time I’ll tell ya and it lasted for what seemed like forever, but again looking back it was probably more like 10 seconds, ha!!

This really was it now. I looked at the time and it was about 4am. I tried to nod back off thinking I need my sleep, I need my sleep. But I just tossed around moaning and groaning quietly to myself so I didn’t wake Hubby. I eventually got into a really comfy position on my front with my legs under me, bum in the air. I knew what was happening, my body seemed to know what it needed to do and all of a sudden I didn’t feel so scared anymore.

Hubby did wake up and he rubbed my back for me whenever a contraction came. Eventually though they were getting more and more painful and frequent. I decided that I needed to move around so we got up.

Hubby made me a brew and then set about setting up the tens machine. We then started keeping a record of the contractions. At this point they were about 10 minutes apart.

then came the Oooooooooo

The real morning eventually came and I went with Hubby while he gave his brother a lift to work. I just wanted some fresh air and I was also intrigued to see how I would cope in the car when it came time to go to the hospital.

Back at home I sat straggled across the computer chair and hugged it resting my head on the cushioned bit when a contraction came. They were getting stronger and stronger now. Id taken some paracetamol and it did nothing!! I couldn’t have a bath as I had the tens machine on, so I started walking around hoping that gravity would lend a hand.

then came the oooooooooo

Getting in the first and only proper bump shot!

By now, my contractions were 4 minutes apart and lasting up to a minute each. I was really struggling to cope now so I called the labour ward again.

At 2.30pm we were on our way to the hospital.

That car journey was unbearable. The walk from the car park to the labour suite was more so. I was in agony. I had to be nearing the end now. Surely?!!

Once in our own private labour suite, I got into something a little more comfortable and the midwife sorted me out with the gas and air. Perfect!! Just what I needed. It got a little bearable.

Within a few hours though I was getting tired. Contractions were coming thick and fast. Surely I couldn’t have much longer to go. My midwife examined me, ‘you’re 2cm’ she said. WHAT?? Only 2? Are you sure. Surely not!! I couldn’t keep going I was exhausted. The midwife suggested some diamorphine.

Wow. Now that shit is good!! But this is where everything seems to blur together with no clear recollection of anything. I know I slept… In fact I slept for the remainder of the labour!!

This is a photo that i never thought id share with anyone and now Im sharing it with the world :-)

This is a photo that I never thought id share with anyone and now I’m sharing it with the world 🙂

I can remember Hubby saying he was hungry, he’d not eaten since this morning. We agreed he’d call my Mum and she would sit with me while we he grabbed a bite of food and some fresh air. I don’t recall her arriving, she was just there at one point when I came round temporarily. She was great, she held my hand and she never let go. When Hubby came back, despite me previously being very insistent I wanted just me and him at the birth, I wanted my Mum to stay.

The next thing I can recall with any clarity was waking up shouting through gritted teeth, ‘I NEED TO PUSH!!!!!!!!!!’ Hubby went and got the midwife. This was a different one to the one who gave me the diamorphine. She examined me and said I still wasn’t quite ready. I vaguely remember seeing that it was about 11pm (ish).

I’d had enough now though. I was struggling to breathe properly, I was getting panicky and shaky. As a contraction came again Hubby was telling me to breathe but I couldn’t. I remember saying ‘help me’. He gripped my hand and guided me through that last leg. All I could hear was his voice saying ‘in and out, in and out’.

I was finally ready. I have no idea what time it was. Before I knew it. I was gripping Hubby’s and my Mum’s hand for dear life and going for it…. Again I slept between contractions only waking to push. I was completely exhausted. This went on for a very long hour.

I don’t remember much at this point. I could hear them saying my baby was distressed. His heart rate had plummeted. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and the room was full of doctors and midwives in scrubs and they were going to deliver my baby by Ventouse, NOW!!

It Started With A Trickle….

Eight years ago today at precisely 8.30am I woke up. It was a normal Sunday. We were getting up quite early as we were going shopping for a few last bits, a baby bath, a camera to capture those first moments and a printer to share them with everyone.

There was only 12 days left till our expected due date which was the 2nd June. The nursery was finished, albeit 4 days ago.

wrigglers birth

Me Hubby & (full term) Bump

Everything had been opened, cleaned, the cot was made up. All we needed was a our little boy.

Something didn’t feel quite right though. Id been having twinges all week and people had joked that he was on his way. I didn’t believe it though, first babies don’t usually come early from what id read. Hahaha, How wrong was I?!

I sat on the toilet that morning while we talked through the door. When I tried to ‘stop myself’, (yes I know, TMI) nothing happened!! Eeeeeek! Had my waters gone?? Now, I’d always thought that when your waters broke they went with a gush, but no mine was a constant trickle. It had started, this was it, our little boy was on his way.

The only thing that went through my mind in that moment was a very panicked, oh shit ive got to give birth!!!

After packing myself up with what felt like a mattress down my pants. I called the labour ward. They wanted me to come in.

I felt fine in myself, no twinges or contractions that I was aware of. We made the half hour journey to the hospital and was showed through to a birthing suite. I was hooked up to a monitor which was listening to our baby’s heart beat and recorded movements. We had a cup of tea and just talked. I was feeling quite relaxed by now. The midwife came to see me and examine me and confirmed my waters had gone, she did a swab to check for infections. My baby’s heart was fine, movements were as they should be and there was also a few little peaks indicating small contractions. She told me that she expected to see me again in the next 24 hours but in any event I was scheduled for an induction if labour hadn’t started for Tuesday morning at 7am.

That was it we could go home. I called my Mum and Dad on the way home, to tell them the news. Shopping was off the cards now 😦 While I felt absolutely fine, Hubby didn’t want me out and about just in case. So, we arranged for my sister-in-law and hubby’s brother to come round. She stayed with me while Hubby went shopping with his brother for the bits we needed. All I cared about now was a camera!! Just in case Hubby showed my sister-in-law how to apply the tens machine pads to my back if necessary! Haha, I think she was secretly hoping that it wasnt necessary 😉

As the day passed, I started having more and more twinges though, few and far between but I had started to really feel them now!!

Hubby came back with an all singing all dancing camera. He then set about looking after me like I was a queen 🙂 He was amazing. He cooked us all a huge fry up, the full works. I was going to need the energy apparently. He started scrubbing the house too to make it extra clean.

When we were on our own later that evening, he ran me a warm deep bath as my back was aching now. I was eager to get the shears on my legs but hubby didn’t want me cutting myself if a contraction came on 🙂

We cuddled and talked that night and then went to bed about midnight.

That was to be our last ever night on our own as a couple.

I Wee’d On A Stick & My Life Changed Forever

It started with a wee

It started with a wee

Today marks the eight year anniversary of when I found out that I was expecting my little Wriggler and yet it still feels like it was only yesterday!

Finding out was a MASSIVE shock! So much so that I lived in denial that it was even happening at all for 3 weeks after missing my period. It was my rapidly blooming bussom that made me do a test and make an appointment with the midwife! Taking that test was nerve-wracking, I was shaking uncontrollably. I knew what it was going to say and I’d never been so scared in my life. Both myself and Hubby were both in silent shock for days after. All of a sudden our planned future was no longer written and we were making it up as we went along!

It was easy to remember my dates, the pregnancy dated from my 26th birthday. I worked out that our baby would be due on the 4th June!

Once the initial shock had gone, I was over the moon and bursting at the seams to tell everyone. My Mum was the first to know and then we told our immediate family but that was it, no one else until we’d had the 12week scan and knew all was well.

The day of the first scan came around very quickly. By this point though all pregnancy symptoms had gone and I was beginning to think that the sonographer was going to tell me there wasnt a baby in there! But my baby was there alright, all 5.8cm of him and he didnt stop wriggling through the whole scan, the sonographer struggled to measure him! My dates changed slightly and my new EDD was the 2nd June.

I wee'd on a stick

Wriggler at 12+2… all 5.8cm of him!

I was sporting a very slight bump at the first scan, but after this point it just took off. I carried my baby all on the front. In the run up to the 20 week scan I was convinced that I was carrying a boy. I think in part it was the fact that I wanted a boy so very much, I’d convinced myself that my baby couldn’t be anything else.

The 20 week scan went fine though and all was well. However, I went into the room not wanting to know what we were having wanting the surprise on the day when our baby arrived. Hubby did want to know but had agreed that we wouldn’t find out. During the scan though, looking at our baby on the little screen, I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to find out and given that it was Hubby’s birthday that day, I knew it would be a lovely surprise for him too. It was confirmed, Wriggler was a boy!

I wee'd on a stick

Wriggler, my baby Boy at 20 weeks

My bump was getting bigger and bigger every day now. Every morning Hubby would say ‘oh my god, youre even bigger than last night!!’ Regrettably I didn’t capture the bump shots like i did with Bruiser. It didn’t occur to me to do it, that and we didn’t have a camera and camera phones were only just emerging back then! I did capture a bump shot at 30 weeks though (with my new camera phone). Any other bump pictures were courtesy of Hubby.

30 week Bump

30 week Bump

I wee'd on a stick

Bump at approximately 8 months

Bump at 38+4, the day before he was born (you can see the tens machine in my hand)

Bump at 38+4, taken while in labour, the day before he was born (that’s the tens machine in my left hand ha, id been in labour 28hours at this point)

After the 2nd scan though, I wanted to much to see my baby again. I knew that I just couldnt wait another 20weeks to meet him. Id read about 3/4D scans and seen pictures but never thought I’d be able to afford one. After a little research though I found a place very local to us that did them and they were affordable. I secretly booked an appointment for one and saved some money up, my Mum made up the rest.

It was the best decision I made because the whole experience was AMAZING! That moment when our little boys face appeared on the huge screen on the wall was so emotional. He had a little button nose and was sucking on the umbilical cord with his face nustled upto the placenta. He was fast asleep. The sonographer decided to wake him up so we could get a better look at him, he didn’t like this much at all. But he did become more animated and opened his eyes. He soon settled again though and went back to sleep exactly as we found him!

Wriggler yawning

Meet Wriggler at 29 weeks

Wriggler opened his eyes during the scan

Wriggler asleep

Wriggler didn’t change one bit from this scan at 29weeks and birth!

1 Day Old

1 Day Old


So there you have it, neither of my boys were planned. But you know what, I just think it makes them all the more special because they were meant to be!

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Im Going To Be A Mummy Again

where it all began

Okay so that was a little white lie 🙂 I’m not really!

But, 4 years ago today I discovered that I was going  to be! Today is the anniversary of when I discovered I was expecting Bruiser!

It came as a HUGE shock! We definitely was not planning another, far from it! I was on the pill and had an appointment to have the implant! But I’d always wanted another baby, I was longing for one if the truth be told. I’d recently discovered only 2 week before that I was going to be an Auntie again and while I was over the moon for my sister and brother-in-law, I was also insanely jealous… Unbeknown to me though, I was actually pregnant myself!

I believed myself to be 4 weeks pregnant and after calculating my due date had an EDD of 10th March.

The 12 week scan told a different story, I was 9week & 6days and my little Bruiser was tiny 3.5cm big! Our new EDD was the 26th March

1st Scan

Twelve weeks later it was time for the 2nd scan. I was getting quite big now too! I was already convinced that I was expecting another little boy because just like my first, he was all on the front!

20week bump

20week Bump

This is when I found out Bruiser was indeed another little boy!

2nd scan

Normally this is the last time you get to meet your little one until the birth. However, we had already planned to have another scan, a 4D scan. We had done the same with Wriggler and loved every minute of it so there was no question that we wouldn’t do it again!

This was also around the time that Bruiser ‘got his name’! I was feeling and looking full term at this point but I was only 27weeks. My midwife was telling me to expect a 9 to 10lb baby! Eeeek!

27 week bump

27week Bump

4D scan

Meet Bruiser at 27weeks

Im sure he's smiling in this one!

Im sure he’s smiling in this one!

(The likeness of Bruiser’s little face in this scan picture with this picture of Bruiser’s 1st proper smile at 6 weeks old is unmistakable)

1st proper smile


Finding out I was pregnant with Bruiser was an A M A Z I N G #magicmoment. One of the Ultimates!