I Did It!!!

It’s been a long agonising frustrating 46 days and 46 nights but I did it. I gave up chocolate, all chocolate, chocolate of all descriptions and in all forms, for lent!

It’s been sooooooo hard. I almost caved more than a few times more so when I went into the cupboard for a biscuit and all I could smell was chocolate. It’s amazing how much you notice the smell when you go without. It’s never smelt so amazing!!

I’ve also gained weight too (roughly a stone!) which I don’t quite understand. I eat a lot of chocolate ordinarily so this did surprise me. Hubby seems to think my cupboard trawling is to blame. I’ve eaten a lot more sweets and biscuits than I wouldn’t normally eat and also other more savory food that I’ve cooked in-between meals in my attempts to fend off the cravings.

People have been tempting me along the way too but Wriggler bless him as reminded everyone time and time again. His support has been brilliant. It was only the other week my Dad asked if I wanted a chocolate bar and for a minute I forgot myself and grabbed one but, immediately Wriggler shouted at me, ‘NOOOOOO Mummy you can’t. She’s given it up for lent Grandad!!’ Only yesterday he was doing it again in full knowledge this time and offering me Thornton’s chocolate liquor!

Playing Easter Bunny last night though was tough, all that chocolate in front of me and then filling the little egg-hunt eggs up for the boys with mini eggs and not been able to eat even one.

i did it

I waited up till midnight though and almost ate my way through one of the biggest bags of mini eggs I’ve ever had!! I actually felt sick afterwards, that’s never happened before. Maybe I need to ease my way back into the chocolate!

I have been rewarded for my efforts though. I bought myself an egg (I knew hubby would forget to get me one) and hid it away with the kids’ until today…. it won’t last long im sure!

i did it

The amount the kids get is usually quite obscene though so I consider it my duty as a responsible parent to make sure they don’t eat too much and help them out where I can. They know themselves they don’t want any cavities…. ;-p


Have you given anything up for lent? How did you get on? Congratulations if you succeeded too. Now tuck into whatever it was, you’ve earned it!!

Happy Easter Everyone.



Cold Turkey

When someone mentions cold turkey most people immediately think of the withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off drink or drugs for example. Not, the giving up of something for Lent.

Lent is a religious ‘thing’ and I was brought up to be religious. Since becoming an adult my views, beliefs have changed somewhat, in fact they’ve changed a lot. However, something that has stayed with me is the giving up of something for Lent which I do now purely for the challenge and nothing else.

Rewind three few weeks, Pancake Day. I was in turmoil over what I should give up. I knew it had to be something big and I wanted it to be different from the norm (chocolate). I toyed with the idea of alcohol, bread, milk, social media, house work even (lol). But none of those would have been the challenge I was wanting, that I needed.

Giving up alcohol isn’t enough of a challenge for me, don’t get me wrong, ive done it before, I’ve even taken part in Dry January and although I missed having the odd drink, it didn’t really rattle me. I’ve given up bread before too. This I’ll admit was hard, but purely from a convenience perspective. I did loose nearly a stone in weight though, it would appear that bread is rather fattening, even the brown variety! It quickly found its way back to me once my normal diet resumed!

no chocolate

I knew it would come down to chocolate at the end of the day. It always does. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! I eat some every single day. Me and Hubby will easily consume sometimes 3-4 200g bars between us in the evenings while watching tv, or the odd box of Cadbury’s hero’s. Not to mention the rest that I eat during the day and pinching from the boys. The only chocolate worth eating though is Cadbury’s. In its purest form, ie dairy milk but, my new love is Cadbury’s Creations, the one with the popping candy and jelly bits in. It’s just divine. Oh and mini eggs, can’t forget those… (now im getting carried away just talking about it ha ha)

I have previously given up chocolate for lent and it almost killed me (metaphorically speaking of cause) and its killing me all over again. Today I am three-weeks into a six-week stint. I can smell it a mile off and whilst im offsetting the cravings with jelly sweets for the moment, they have nothing on chocolate!!

I can’t even put my feet up with a hot drink when I get back from the school run because I instantly want to reach for the whispa hot chocolate.

Baking is out too for the time being, I couldn’t possibly make something as yummy as this and not tuck in or lick a bowl.

So, whilst no im technically not going Cold Turkey, it certainly feels like I am to me. Chocolate is my vice.

I only hope that my cravings (which no doubt by Easter Sunday will have turned to sheer desperation) are satisfied with a Cadbury’s easter egg … ill have earned it if nothing else! 😉

… and on that note, I have spied with my beady eye…

Cadbury’s Mini Egg Easter Egg


Cadbury’s Creations Easter Egg


Dairy Milk Easter Egg


Makaton Monday ~ Chocolate

Happy Easter. I hope that you have all had a lovely weekend.


We had some lovely quality family time spent visiting and spending Easter Day at home just the four of us… devouring copious amounts of chocolate 😀 Already feeling the overload ha ha.

Yes Chocolate is a very much used sign in our house and I do believe it was amongst the first ten signs we introduced Bruiser. (He has a very sweet tooth!)

Chocolate was also amongst his first ten words when he started to talk again. He currently uses ‘gok gok’ but has also been known to use ‘gogar’ ‘gokokok’!

He uses the sign and the word now to ask for chocolate, chocolate milkdrink (gok gok gilk gink), chocolate bar (gok gok baaaaar), chocolate eggs (gok gok aregggs)… you get the picture 🙂

So it didn’t seem appropriate that I let this holiday weekend go by without mentioning and sharing one of our favorite signs!








Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.


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What’s In My Handbag?


Apparently you can tell a lot about a woman by her handbag and its contents. But, what about a Mummy’s handbag? Can the same conclusions be drawn? I believe so! To me, a woman’s bag is an extension of who she is and it helps her facilitate the roles she plays, whilst housing the items needed to to navigate the world. I’d go as far to say that a woman’s handbag is her grown up ‘security blanket’.

Outside appearances can say a lot, Victoria Beckham’s Kelly bag says ‘i’m rich’, Cate Middleton’s structured purses tell me she is discreet and self-possessed. But, why stop at the outside of the handbag?  If you really want to know about a woman, you need to see inside at the contents.

Now, this is a post I’ve deliberated about doing for a while now. Do i really want to show you whats in my bag?  Do i even know whats in my bag more to the point?

Its a cauldron of surprises. I use it, my children play with it, my children store things in it. It very rarely gets sorted and tidied…. so, dirty tissues, screwed up receipts and shopping lists, half eaten sweets, sticky lolly sticks, random raisins and handbag fluff aside, what am i going to find?

Here goes….



My handbag, which is courtesy of Next. I like its practicality, lots of pockets! and also its extra long cross over strap for when i need both hands free to roam.

My purse, a birthday present from Bruiser in 2010. Not the tiny delicate purse of days gone by… a hefty purse filled with old receipts. No evidence of ID cards. Thanks to the natural aging process that parenting offers, these are no longer required. In their place now are toys ‘r us gold cards, children’s library cards and Starbucks loyalty cards.

My Diary (and pen), my hectic ‘Mummy Wife Woman’ life dictates i need this!

My Blackberry mobile phone (cannot live without!) It was my connection to the outside world when i was housed on the sofa, hourly breastfeeding my boys. Its now a pacifier for Bruiser when he’s done with looking around, munching on the bribery chocolate and wants out of the pram. Pocoyo and Something Special on YouTube gives me a good half an hours grace!

Makaton sign/word sheets for assistance when communicating with Bruiser.

Hand Cream, for those rare moments of indulgence! or for use as a nappy cream in an emergency! (L’Occtaine , my favorite and the best hand cream in the whole world!)

Pro Plus (for ‘those‘ days when a little help is required)



No.7 revitilising body spray

Hair grip

Lip balm x2 – Aloe Vera Vaseline (for the boys) Carmex (for me)

Soap and Glory Kick Ass concealer (another item for ‘those‘ days when even more help is required)

A spare scrunchie

Maybelline Lip Gloss

Set of small screw drivers (i cant emphasise enough how incredibly useful these are)

Ear phones for mobile phone (for those rare kid free moments when you need to shut out the world)

USB memory stick

Half eaten packet of Thorntons Truffles (how did they get in there?? 😀 😀 :D)

Cadburys Chocos (for Bruiser and purely for bribery purposes!)

Soft Mints (for Wriggler when i need a moments peace (he talks a lot!))

Travel pack of baby wipes (never underestimate the usefulness of baby wipes!)

Nappy (also useful for absorbing spillages or drying a slide in the playground so the kids can play)

Eumovate ointment (for the boys’ eczema to alleviate the itching when out and about)


Baby nail clippers (Bruiser cannot bear to have bits of nail or skin sticking out)

A toy Car (for Bruiser)

My First Numbers book (for Bruiser)


Not as bad as i first thought. But every item is necessary, needed, and used on a weekly if not daily basis!

From an outside perspective, id say this bag is one of a mum who is practical, organised, and ready for almost any eventuality. I’d like to think that’s me!


Whats in your handbag? What does it say about you?

Do you dare to share?


Winter is coming… Are you ready?


The nights are drawing in, rapidly I might add! X-factor has started. Halloween is but round the corner and the Christmas countdown has begun… All this must mean one thing, Autum is here and Winter is well and truly on its way. (Whether it actually left is debatable!)

I actually like the cosyness that winter brings, sitting indoors listening to the wind and rain battering the windows, watching snow fall through the window while i’m all warm and snug inside with the heating on.

But whilst outside in the elements, you need to be prepared. After a tireless search for a stylish yet practical waterproof (which by the way, doesn’t exist), this week, i took delivery of my new winter investment…. a Regatta windproof/waterproof coat! I love it. Thank you to threeunderthree for the recommendation.


I already own a lovely pair of gloves courtesy of my hubby, a great thoughtful present bought for Christmas last year. They are smarTouch gloves (you don’t have to take them off to use your touchscreen phone). Practical and very warm! They are also great for driving too as they have a rubbery grip to them, so no more frost bite from the steering wheel.


Footwear comes in the form of my trusty UGG’s which i couldn’t live without.

I’ve got some wellies, while they’re not the most stylish pair I could have picked, (hence no picture lol), they’ll be warm and dry and that’s all that matters when you are trugging through the most horrendous wet weather and snow.


An umbrella is another must. Having said that though, when it comes to rainy windy days you might as well not bother. However, i’ve picked out this Umbrella, its wind tested to 72mph no less!! But given the price, this one might just have to go on my ‘Wishlist’ 😉

On the subject of umbrellas; as a mummy, i know how impractical it is to push a pram, hold on to your other little one(s) and try and get under an umbrella to stay dry. Well, i have it on good authority that this little gadget is prefect for securing an umbrella to your pram leaving you hands free and dry (and its also strong enough to securely hold your umbrella in strong winds) 🙂


Ive also seen this nifty welly liners.

They look really warm and you wouldn’t have the issue of socks sliding down your feet inside the welly.


Inside the house i like to warm my slippers on the radiator while i’m out. After any trip out side the house, a hot bubbly bath is a  must and then cuddles and cartoons under my Snug Rug (another thoughtful present from hubby, and probably the most used present he has ever bought me) with the boys and hot chocolate 🙂


What do you like about winter?

What do you do get that cosy warm snug feeling?

Are you ready for it?