The Best Things In Life Are Free…

I’m writing this with an empty heart, I’m all on my own having just spent a lovely half term week with boys. Back to reality with a bang!

Last weekend though, I had such great plans for us but as usual, it being only weeks since Christmas, finances dictated and ruled. That was okay though as the boys were quite happy to chill and take each day as it came.

We mined. Lots! I’m sure I’m not the only one whose little people are into Minecraft… *whispers* well so am I 😀  We all join the same game and work together and then fight over the only diamond sword we manage to make, Bruiser usually gets it though, he steals it from our chests while me and Wriggler are mining. It’s actually quite amusing, he waits till we are down in our mines and then you can see his gamertag move across the top of your screen as he makes his way to our house on the surface and then its a race against time to get out of our mines and up back to our houses to stop him!

The boys love spending time with their uncle, he’s really down with the boys these days, he even has Minecraft too now and had a lesson from the boys! In the morning though we all went with him and Zeus the family dog to the woods. It was nice to blow away the cobwebs out in the sticks, quite literally! It was good for the boys too to challenge themselves on the near vertical muddly slippy hills that took no prisoners. We made it all in one piece though even if it was with mud up to our ear lobes!

We lost hours in ‘their world’ the lego, ninja, space, make-believe pirate adventures that are something else let me tell you. Everything gets mingled together. Wriggler has quite the imagination, Bruiser goes with the flow. The remnants of those escapades are still littered around the house which makes me realise I really should start tidying up, ha! Maybe tomorrow 😉

The boys spent some quality time with their Daddy over the weekend too while I escaped with a lovely friend; lunching, hand bag shopping and cinema going (yes I have a social life!). He took them on a bike ride up the Trans Pennine Trail. They love it down there.

the best things in life are free

In between all that, we’ve partied, we’ve visited Great Nan, a much-loved Aunt, the boys delivered their valentines gifts, cuddled, crafted, giggled and generally had lots of family fun.

At the end of any time together we always ask the boys what they’ve enjoyed the most. Sunday night while having cartoons and a cuddle before bed we asked them what their favourite bit of the week was. Bruiser enjoyed the bike ride most. Wriggler gave us his top three; no.3 the walk in the woods, no.2 the bike ride down the TPT and no.1 spending time together!!

It brought tears to our eyes. There was me feeling guilty that we hadn’t done much, or gone very far but the reality is; it’s not about what you spend on them, it’s about the time you spend with them that means the most.

Five weeks and counting to our next school holidays…..


Back To School

It’s been that week of the year again. Back to school for the kiddie winks or the start of a new schooling journey. This year Wriggler started year4, YEAR 4 (*holds head in hands*)!!! and Bruiser was starting full-time school a fresh in reception (*sobs uncontrollably in hands*).

All I wanted was a photo of them both. You know the drill.. stood together in their clean crisp uniforms, smiling away into the camera. How hard could that be?

Between all the blurred body parts, close up faces in camera, bottoms up and backs turned, even Wriggler holding Bruiser in a head lock, there was one common denominator, Wriggler smiling away facing the camera in the back ground. When I finally captured Bruiser stood still, he was deliberately stood directly in front of Wriggler, turning away from the camera and refusing to smile. Wriggler giggling away behind him.

Whilst it isn’t what I was hoping for, it perfectly summed up our morning and my boys in a nutshell. When I look closely, I can actually see the deliberate defiance in Bruisers face!! He really does take stubborn to a whole new level. 😀

I can’t not love this photo.

back to school


A Letter To Bruiser

Dear Bruiser

Today is your first day at school. Your Reception year and full-time school. You looked so smart and grown up in your uniform this morning. You were buzzing with excitement and you couldn’t wait to leave the house. I couldn’t even get a picture of you stood still.

While you enjoy your first morning with your new teacher, im home thinking about you, wondering what you will doing, wondering what you will be learning about. Gone are our days together where we would play, cuddle, watch cartoons, have playdates, take afternoon naps. Gone are our days filled with giggles, trips to the park and baby groups.

Me and Daddy and Wriggler are soooooo incredibly proud of you and what you have achieved in your little life already. The obstacles you have over come. The battles you have fought. Because there was once a time when we never thought this day would come. You were only 5 hours old when the Doctors told us to let you go. But we weren’t ready to let you have wings and I don’t think you wanted them either. We fought for you then and we still fight for you today. Its been the fight of our lives but just look at you now….

You learnt to crawl;


You learnt to walk;

You learnt to wave;

You learnt to talk, your first word was ‘Mam mam’. It was awful when you stopped talking. Overtime though you learnt to communicate using Makaton and that gave you a voice, until you found your voice…

Ryan signing to bath

Bruiser signing to bath

then, you learnt to talk, AGAIN!! Because you really are that amazing!!

You started nursery;

started nursery

With the help from your amazing big brother Wriggler, you learnt to play and imagine;


You learnt to ride a bike;

As we made our journey together through the autism diagnosis process, something that we were beginning to think would never happen, you made a friend. A best friend. A partner in crime. A friend forever. Your ‘Avaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’

best friends


And here you are now on your first day at school…

I’m glad you didn’t cry this morning. You made it so much easier for me. But it broke my heart anyway. It was the start of a whole new chapter in your life. You are no longer a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler. You’re a little boy now and you’re ready to go find your place in this world!

I’m going to miss you my baby.

Love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Bruiser’s Started Pre-School

Where exactly did the summer holidays go? More to the point, where exactly did the last three and half years go?

I had the most wonderful six weeks with my boys. I love having them both at home with me. I miss Wriggler terribly when he’s at school and each school holiday is a constant reminder of just how much. I was also quite conscious that this was the last time id have Bruiser at home until half term in October. I really did not want it to end.

During the holidays, we spent a lot of quality time preparing Bruiser for the transition to pre-school. We looked through his transition booklet (this was a collection of photos taken by his previous key worker in nursery of the pre-school rooms, equipment and staff), we bought him his school bag, we got him trying on his uniform, we taught him the relevant Makaton signs he would need. Bruiser was really excited and looking forward to it. He kept saying ‘me go goooo’ (me go school). We did have moments though where he kept saying he didn’t want to go to school and even the night before he told me he wanted to stay home with me and believe me that was a very tempting offer!

That first morning though, he couldn’t contain the excitement when he came downstairs and his school clothes were all laid out waiting for him, he bearly ate his breakfast because he wanted to get dressed. Me on the other hand, I was struggling to hold it together. Id spent a lot of the holidays in denial that this was going to happen at all!

Hubby drove us to school and left us at the gates and the boys walked in together holding hands with smiles beaming across their little faces.

I was so proud of him as I left him in pre-school. He got a little anxious because there was so many people all at once, I think he was feeling overwhelmed. He didn’t want to part from me and he did get a little upset but he happily let me hand him over to his teacher for a cuddle and he waved me and Wriggler good-bye as we left the room.

I have to admit that leaving him there on that first morning was far more emotional than I had anticipated or prepared myself for. Four years ago, when Wriggler started preschool, that was emotional, I was 10 weeks pregnant with Bruiser too so hormones were fueling all the emotions. But I had my Mum there holding my hand whilst I said a tearful good-bye to him. This time It was Wriggler holding my hand and giving it a little squeeze as I said goodbye to Bruiser.

I like to think that my Mum was there, watching over us too.

Getting to know The Lego Galaxy Squad…

… at The National Space Centre no less! What could be more prefect?

We are big big fans of the Space Centre and big big fans of Lego.  So, my boys were over the moon when I told them we had been especially invited to the Launch of the new Lego Galaxy Squad.

All great days out have their little hiccups, on this particular day it was the car breaking down a mere twenty minutes into our journey, almost irreparably!

galaxy squad

It looked like all was lost and that our day was over before it had even started. But, thank you to the great people at our local Vauxhall dealership who after receiving our car from the RAC (not to mention some rather great negotiating skills on my part ;)) gave us a courtesy car for the weekend.

We were on our way at last, albeit 2 hours behind schedule. We’d miss the mornings events but we would be there for the remaining part of the day. As far as the boys were concerned, any amount of time would be a great time!

We arrived just in time for lunch which worked out great because as soon as we entered the Shuttle Suite, Wriggler immediately wanted to start building the Lego that was out on the tables. We got started on building the Alien Dragonfly which was part of the Bug Obliterator set. Bruiser kept himself happy playing with the contents of his goody bag which included a space monkey (his favorite film is Space Chimps so you can imagine his excitement can’t you) and some Galaxy Squad Lego.

Now I have to say I was VERY impressed with The Galaxy Squad. Over the years Lego has just got better and better, a far cry from the simple box of blocks that I owned when I was little. Galaxy Squad is big, its bright and in one word, its BRILLIANT!

So who are The Galaxy Squad? They are in fact, an elite unit of Galaxy Soldiers that operate in four specialised task forces (red, blue, orange, green) to save the galaxy from a mysterious race of evil Alien Bugs that are swarming across the galaxy, capturing civilians in cocoons and turning one planet after another into bug hives.

The Galaxy Squad products range in price from £7.99 to £79.99 so there is something for everyone! We particularly liked the Bug Obliterator priced at £59.99 and its this that we built on the day. Unfortunately we just didn’t get time to finish it all. We did complete the Alien Dragonfly and it looked stunning. I regretfully didnt capture a picture of it!!

Lego Galaxy Squad

Defeat the alien dragonfly with the split-function Bug Obliterator that transforms into an armoured rover and attack ship with weapons! The deadly alien dragonfly is trying to capture the Galaxy Squad orange team heroes in a cocoon prison. Soar into battle with orange team heroes, Jack Fireblade and Ashlee Starstrider in the Bug Obliterator!

All of the different models were very impressive though, even the miniature sets from the goody bags!

The beauty of Lego is that you can build pretty much anything your imagination conjures up. Galaxy Squad was no exception! The boys had great fun taking part in the various Lego activities taking part around the Space Centre and building their own space vehicles and aliens. Wriggler made himself a satellite and displayed it in the Space Centre along with all the other fantastic creations.

Part of the afternoon events included a talk by Englands only Certified Lego Builder. Wriggler had no idea that you could build Lego for a job and was particularly interested in what he had to say. He sat watching him in awe, mentally taking notes while the Lego Builder talked about what he built so far and how he went about designing and building the creations he was asked to work on.

Other Lego activities going on was making your own Lego Movie, unfortunately we didn’t get time to do that but it looked brilliant. The giant Galaxy Squad Mosaic. It was great to see first hand how these are constructed and even have a go ourselves. I have to admit it looked very impressive! Unfortunately it didn’t get finished on the day but I have heard that it was eventually finished in the week that followed by other visitors to the centre. The finished creation was made up of 192 boards, each board had 256 LEGO pieces on it. The completed mosaic contained a whopping 49,152 LEGO bricks. Now that’s a lot of Lego!

galaxy squad

This photo just doesnt do it justice!

We had a fantastic day, okay half day on this occasion. Even after all the Lego activities, we still got to explore the Space Centre all over again. It was great to revisit our favorite parts in particular the Planetarium, The Rocket Tower and Space Now and this time I managed to capture a picture of the piece of Moon Rock that’s on display.

Thank you to Lego and Elyssa for the invitation and for such a fantastic day. We loved The Galaxy Lego Squad. I know for sure that Galaxy Squad will feature highly on the boys’ Christmas lists this year… and possibly even mine 😉


Lego Summer is taking part in the Space Centre all through the summer holidays. Go along until the 1st September to meet the Galaxy Squad for yourself.

You can find out more about the Lego Galaxy Squad by following the links within this post or by following this link now.

Also available are: The Lego Galaxy Squad game – Bug Battle and Cocoon Crusher. They are free to play online at: and The Lego Galaxy Squad Bug Battle is also available for iOS as a free app game.


We were invited to the Launch of the Lego Galaxy Squad and given free family entry to the Space Centre as well as goody bags for the children for the purpose of this review, I have received no other form of financial compensation and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Twinkle Stars

This is a lovely little biscuit recipe that my Mum would bake with me and my brothers when we were little. It’s relatively easy for little fingers and quick too so you don’t lose their attention.

Be prepared to make a mess though 😉

twinkle stars



6oz Self Raising Flour

Pinch of Salt

3oz Sugar

2oz Ground Almonds

(if you can’t get ground ones, use flaked almonds and blend or crush them up)

5oz Butter / Margarine

A few drops of Almond Extract



Pre-heat oven to 180C 375F Gas.5

Grease two baking trays


How to Make

Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl

Rub in the butter or margarine

Add the Extract and mix well.

Bring it together using your hands. (a little flour on your hands helps the mixture not stick to your fingers)

Roll out on a flat surface quite thinly

Using a star-shaped cutter, cut out the stars

Place the stars on the baking trays

Decorate the stars with what ever sprinkles your little ones want. Bruiser chose silver pearls because they are twinkly

twinkle stars

Bake in the oven for approx 15 Minutes.

Leave to cool on a wire rack.

twinkle stars


Give them a go. They’re very delicious…

and don’t forget to lick the bowl 😉


**this recipe contains nuts**

Its Your Story Book Review

You can’t beat cuddling together in an evening for a bedtime story for your little ones. Did you know that you can make it extra special with a personalised book?!

its your story book review

I was delighted to have been selected to review a personalised book especially for Fathers Day by Its Your Story.

Its Your Story are a family run business based in Somerset. They launched in 2004 and were the first company in the UK to sell photo personalised books on the internet. They now boast a range of 26 books, cards, ebooks and loads more including a new personalised clothing range.

The book I was selected to review is called Zoo Adventure.

its your story book review

It is personalised for Fathers Day with the head of your little ones Daddy, your little ones name, first line of their address, town, age, names of two friends and favorite food, their Daddy’s favorite colour, favorite food and age. You can also add a personal message from you on the first page.

its your story book review

its your story book review

It’s a lovely little story about your little one and their Daddy’s trip to your local zoo and all the fun that they have, swinging with the monkeys, getting a hug off the snakes, waddling with the penguins and so much more.

its your story book review

The book is aimed at children from two to six years old. It is well laid out with large clear print using words that are easy for little ones to read. Each page is interactive with questions like; Can you roar like a lion?

How many teeth does the crocodile have?

You can purchase the book directly from their website by clicking here and prices start at a reasonably priced £12.50. Or you can check out their entire range here and choose a book from their selection. The personalisation process is very simple to do by following the online prompts on your chosen book.

We loved this book and think its a great idea for that extra special thoughtful gift. I know for sure my boys would love to have their own personal little book and I think I might like my own too 🙂 so a few more purchases are definitely on the cards in this household.

I was sent this book free of charge for the purpose of this review, I have received no other form of financial compensation and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.


**Names, Places and Addresses have been blanked out to preserve anonymity**

Wrigglers First Residential

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart this morning. My little boy, my baby went on his first over night school trip only hours ago *sobs very loudly*

Apart from one sleepover with some close friends, he has never slept away from home ever and apart from when I was in hospital with Bruiser, I’ve never spent a night without him.

From the moment the trip was announced though he wanted to go and as the time drew nearer the excitement increased. Last night it was over flowing! He could barely eat his tea. Once he was bathed and ready for bed I helped him pack his case.

As expected he was up VERY early this morning. He came bouncing into our room before 6am saying ‘ITS TODAY!!, can I go down and get ready?’ After a quick cuddle, he did just that. In the time it took me to get up and come down stairs, he was dressed and sat with his case and bags waiting for breakfast! He barely ate anything though.

Before long he was good to go… excitement bursting out of him!

Off to school we went 🙂

wrigglers residential

It was an emotional farewell waving him off on the coach with his friends.

wrigglers residential

I know he’s going to have a wonderful time. He will be taking part in Archery, Zip Lining, Orienteering, Treasure Hunts and he will be having his first Campfire in the evening!! I’m actually really excited for him. But im going to miss him soooo very much!


Im linking this post up from last week for #magicmoments

New Beginnings

This week for our family heralded the start of new eras for three of us. Me Wriggler & Bruiser.

For Bruiser, it was the start of his education! Yes he has started his nef funded nursery sessions. Whilst thankfully it’s not technically preschool I will be loosing my little side kick for 15 hours a week. He will be doing his sessions in our local children’s centre where he currently attends. For him its familiar surrounding and people and given that he doesn’t like change, I think will help make the transition to actual preschool so much easier. It will get him used to the routine of going to a structured setting and hopefully by the time he makes the transition to preschool next door, I wont have to listen to him screaming his little lungs off outside the building when I leave him each day! 😦 *sniff sniff*

For Wriggler, he started a group called Sibling Support. It’s a special group run by Barnardo’s, that he will attend for next few months where he will learn with other children about their siblings disabilities. Wriggler’s group is for children whose siblings are autistic. Whilst we don’t have an offical diagnosis yet for Bruiser, this is about preparing Wriggler for what lies ahead and help him better understand his little brother. They have professionals in to talk to the children and they can ask them anything they want. They also talk about how it affects their lives, and why their brother/sister is like they are. I think he’s going to know more than us soon. They do lots of crafts to support their learning and even give them their tea. Wriggler took along ‘doggy’ and ‘frank’ his cuddly companions on his first session but it turned out that he loved it. He doesn’t think that he will be needing their company the next time goes as he has already made some friends. 🙂

For Me, I start my journey to become a Makaton Tutor. I will be starting the official Makaton Training this week. Whilst in the last 9 months I have become quite proficient at Makaton using it with Bruiser to communicate, I am self-taught (with a little assitance from Bruiser’s speech and language therapist) and I don’t know nearly half as much as need to, to more effectively communicate with Bruiser. So I am doing it properly and starting right at the bottom with the beginners course. This will assist us all as a family immensely when I start sharing with Wriggler and my Hubby and we can begin to use it with Bruiser more and more. I am really really excited about this and I cant wait to start! Wish me luck and watch this space for updates 😉


Snow at Easter?… Yes Really!!

This time last year we were basking in unseasonal temperatures hitting the mid 20’s some parts were touching on the 30’s.

Fun in the Sun this time last year!

This year was no exception on the unseasonal front, only at the other end of the scale. Taking into account the wind chill we’ve seen -8 on the thermometer!

The Forecast!

The Forecast!

Winter has had its day, I am begging for some sun now. But, I love the snow too much to let it go by without making the most of it and the boys share my enthusiasm

Celebrating World Book Day


I absolutely love reading. Right from being a young girl I have very fond memories of my Mum reading to me and eventually, reading on my own. I can recall receiving books from my parents for Christmas and I would read a whole book before Christmas Lunch! I loved books that much, I even studied A-Level English Literature at 6th Form.  

When I had my children I always encouraged them to read and enjoy books, which they have and still do. But, out of the two its Bruiser’s that is the real little book-worm. I think he takes after me.

In celebration of World book Day, my boys are taking part and dressing up for the day. Wriggler is dressing up as the loved by all and his favorite Comic Book Hero, Spiderman. I’m sure he will also be taking part in various book related activities during the day too. All week he has been learning about the author Anthony Brown. I’ve learnt so much about him from Wriggler when he has come home from school. He’s really showed a lot of interest. I love that he’s enjoyed learning more about books and about the people who write them.

Bruiser isn’t at nursery or going to groups today but I’m sure he will want to dress up as something in the house. I’ll be sure to get his books out too and make the most of them! Wriggler has decided that a trip to the library after school would be a good way to celebrate too!

In the past for, Children’s Book WeekI have shared Wriggler and Bruiser’s favorite stories and books. This time, I thought I would share with you some of my personal favorites.


This book is my All Time Favorite Read!

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin

For me this is a timeless classic that needs no introduction. A book that was recommended to me by my Mum when I was in my early teens. I get swept away by the lovely Mr Darcy every time. Its also a favorite of my Nan! (this copy of the book is something like my 4th copy of it, the others having fell apart… from over reading i think :-))


My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friends Girl, by Dorothy Koomson

Best friends Kamryn Matika and Adele Brannon thought nothing could come between them – until Adele did the unthinkable and slept with Kamryn’s fiance, Nate. Worse still, she got pregnant and had his child. When Kamryn discovered the truth about their betrayal she vowed never to see any of them again. Two years later, Kamryn receives a letter from Adele asking her to visit her in hospital. Adele is dying and begs Kamryn to adopt her daughter, Tegan. With a great job and a hectic social life, the last thing Kamryn needs is a five-year-old to disrupt things. Especially not one who reminds her of Nate. But with no one else to take care of Tegan and Adele fading fast, does she have any other choice?  So begins a difficult journey that leads Kamryn towards forgiveness, love, responsibility and, ultimately, a better understanding of herself. (link back)

A very touching story, it made me laugh and cry at the same time in parts. A book that I just cannot recommend enough.


Bridget Jones Diary (both books)

Bridget Jones Diary (both books) by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones’ Diary is the devastatingly self-aware, laugh-out-loud daily chronicle of Bridget’s permanent, doomed quest for self-improvement — a year in which she resolves to: reduce the circumference of each thigh by 1.5 inches, visit the gym three times a week not just to buy a sandwich, form a functional relationship with a responsible adult, and learn to program the VCR. (link back)

Bridget Jones, the Edge of Reason. The Wilderness Years are over! But not for long. In The Edge of Reason, she discovers what it is like when you have the man of your dreams actually in your flat and he hasn’t done the washing-up, not just the whole of this week, but ever. Bridget embarks on a spiritual epiphany, which takes her from the cappuccino queues of Notting Hill to the palm- and magic-mushroom-kissed shores of … (link back)

I first read these books before the films were made. They make me literally laugh out loud when I read them. Which used to be quite embarrassing on the bus/train journey to work I might add. When I want to read something easy going, these are the books! I’m looking forward to book 3!


My Sisters Keeper

My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult

It is about Anna. Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate – a life and a role that she has never questioned… until now. (link back).

I loved this book. It stirred up so many emotions and thoughts I never thought id consider. A definite must read. I will add though that the film does not do it justice in the very least and the ending has been changed significantly. If you are considering the film, read the book first!


Last but by no means least…

50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

50 Shades of Grey (the Trilogy), by Erika Leonard James

How could I leave these books out. These too need no introduction! Whilst they aren’t (in my personal opinion) great literary masterpieces. Seriously… who hasn’t fallen for Mr Grey?? 😉


What are your favorite books? Are your little ones celebrating World Book Day?

Hop over to the World Book Day website to learn more about today, see what other people are doing around the UK, events being held and other fun stuff.


That was my 100th post. Thank you to all my followers for reading my blog and all your lovely comments. It means a lot to me 🙂

Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating


Wonder Woman Food Mixer

Wonder Woman Food Mixer
(link back)

This wonderful food mixer was brought to my attention a few months ago. I keep going back to it all the time and I can’t help but think that it would be a great addition to my kitchen. I don’t have a food mixer, I usually loan my Mum’s Kenwood from my Dad when I need one. So it’s not like it wouldn’t get used 😉



Pink Slippers

Pink Slippers

My lovely warm slippers. When my feet are cold, im cold, so these slippers are lovely and do the job brilliantly. Even better when left warming on the radiator while im out.



Scooter Madness

Wriggler and Bruiser racing to the Park Gates

The Weather! It’s great that we are finally seeing the sunshine. This gave us our first opportunity of the year this week to visit the park after school for a much-needed scoot around 🙂




Ok, so my Dad bought these for the boys. But Haribo are a treat for all ages! I cant help but grab a tiny handful when little ones’ backs are turned 😉


What are you Wanting, Wearing, Loving, Eating this week?

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Highlights Of My Week That Was #HWTW

This week was a week of mixed emotions.  The excitement of the New Year, wondering what it will bring and the end of Christmas, the disappointment and feeling of emptiness in taking down the trimmings 😦 I was gutted. Wriggler cried.

‘But Mummy, why cant it be Christmas all the time?’

But amongst all that, we had some good times too. These are my #HWTW

I started #DryJanuary. I’m 5 days in now and its going very well so far. I will admit, its been tougher than I thought it would be. 



We enjoyed some some quality family time at Elsecar Park and Clifton Park, blowing away those cobwebs and dispelling some of the cabin fever that was starting to set in.


Bruiser has always been a good sleeper but, he normally never sleeps anywhere other than his bed or his car seat on long journeys. But, this week Bruiser has taken to putting himself down for a nap in front of the TV on the floor. This is a first 🙂


I had a ladies night in with some of my closest friends. You can’t beat a good catch up filled with gossip and laughter 🙂 #fabnight


I’ve also starting ‘window shopping’ on the internet on how i would like to spend my Christmas gift money. There is so much id like, boots, clothes, charms,  that its going to turn into quite a ‘spree’. I’ve purposely held off from going while the kids are still off and Christmas shutdown is still in effect. Fingers crossed I get out soon:)


There’s a new Super Hero in town… Wriggler was introduced to Captain America the other night during ‘stop up night’ with his Daddy while I was out. Watch this space… hes already on with making himself the shield!


The rest of the weekend though will be spent getting Wriggler ready for returning to school on Monday. Uniforms need ironing, bags packing etc. He’s very much looking forward to going back and seeing his friends and talking about what they got. As much as I love the kids been home during the holidays, I too am looking forward to a return to normality and routine.


What have been your highlights of the week that was?


Christmas 2012 in Pictures

We have had a truly magical Christmas this year. Its been wonderful. The boys got everything they hoped for and more. They’re very lucky little boys!

I too have received some lovely gifts. From Hubby and the boys I got two beautiful Pandora charms and a Sheffield Wednesday Onesie amongst other things 🙂

I hope you all had an equally wonderful Christmas.

The high lights are just too many to mention so, i’ll let the pictures do the talking…


Christmas Eve with Grandad and Great Nannan



A Feast for Father Christmas and his Reindeer and then… *whispers* He came!


Christmas Day



My Favorite Christmas Stories

Everyone loves a good Christmas Story. They give you a warm excited glow inside that makes you feel Christmassy. You cant beat a cosy winters night in, in front of the box. Watching a Christmas film. The light of the tree the only light in the room. 😉

A lot of people recently have been sharing their favorite Christmas films and stories so I decided that I would share mine too.


First in the list is an old old favorite and probably the 1st Christmas film that I fell in love with.

Its a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart & Donna Reed

Its a Wonderful Life


Another old favorite…

A Christms Carol, starring Alister Simm.

Wriggler came home from school other night saying ‘they had had a pantomime in school about this horrible man that got turned nice because of these ghosts’. He absolutely loved it!  #atimelessclassic

A Christmas Carol


I think this next film is the probably a favorite Christmas film of all the adults today, that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s.

Santa Claus The Movie, starring Dudley Moore & John Lithgow

Santa Claus The Movie


Who doesn’t love this next one…

The Snowman

This story for me is another #timelessclassic. Wriggler equally loves this every year. We’ve even had the book from the library on many occasion.

We cant wait to see the new story on Christmas Eve this year, The Snowman and The Snowdog. A perfect bedtime story me thinks.


The last film in my list is quite a modern film in comparison. But, equally heart warming and magical.

The Polar Express, starring the voice of Tom Hanks.

I love this film! It makes me want to be a kid again and go on this adventure. Wriggler loved this when he saw it for the first time 2yrs ago. We still had it in the sky planner for months after Christmas!

The Polar Express


Have I missed any?

What are your favorite Christmas Stories? What are your Children’s?

Share them here.


I’ve already Sky+’d all these films for next week 😉


Makaton Monday ~ Hide and Seek

This weekend Bruiser has loved to play hide and seek. It is fast becoming his favorite game. He loves to instigate the game himself now, as he can do the sign himself. We even get an ‘eek’ as he signs seek. Oh and not forgetting he actually counts to ten before he comes looking for you. I don’t think hes quite grasped the hiding part though as he will hide but then counts himself and comes out 🙂





HIDE AND SEEKto sign, hols hands as shown picture and cross over as shown. repeat this twice.



Where is Bruiser?

Where is Bruiser?

Come out, Come out, where ever you are!

Come out, Come out, where ever you are!


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the
© The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.

Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

Angel Snow Globe

Angel Snow Globe

Snow Globes are one of my favorite Christmas Decorations. I could watch them all day. Wriggler it seems, shares my love of them and always picks up and plays with them in shops. As much as he actually wants me to buy one for him for Christmas, I thought that given his creative streak, he’d like to make one of his own so much more.

They are quick and easy so perfect for children of any age.


What you will need

A Christmassy model ie a Father Christmas, Snowman, Reindeer or anything that says ‘Christmas’. We chose an Angel!

An empty jar (remove label), jam size is ideal but remember it needs to house your chosen model

Glitter. We chose gold and silver and a hint of red (Wriggler’s favorite colour) but you can choose any colour that your little one would like to use

Strong glue. (We used super-glue)

Glycerine. (This thickens the water so when you shake the globe, the glitter snow falls slower and gives a better effect)

Jug of water


How To Make It

In the jar, pour in the glycerine and then add the water (1 part glycerine to 2 parts water).


Stir well.


Add the glitter. We used about half a tube of silver glitter with a sprinkling of gold and red.


Stir well and leave to one side for later.


Next, glue your model to the inside of the jar lid. (We also used a little tin to stand the Angel on so it could be seen properly as it was a little short)

***It is recommended that an adult does the gluing bit***



Leave it to dry for a good hour.

Once the model is stuck securely on the lid of the jar, put glue round the inside edge of the lid.

Put the jar lid on the jar and screw it tightly shut. Leave to dry again for another hour.


Once all the glue has dried, tip the jar upright and give it a little shake and watch your glitter snow globe come to life





Give it a go with your children, they’ll love it, mine did!


Tots100 Experience Days Competition


Getting Ready for Christmas

I love this time of year. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Christmas songs are playing in the shops, the Coca Cola Christmas Truck has been on TV, the little ones are enjoying their advent chocolate in a morning. Nativity plays are imminent, if you haven’t already seen them.

It’s safe to say that the excitement is most definitely building in our house.

This weekend we will be getting ready for Christmas. For our family, the main decorating and big tree is done by the ‘Christmas Fairies and Elves’ while we sleep in the night 😉 and the little trees are for the boys to decorate as they wish. They usually keep the little ones in their bedroom.

All these preparations though are making me look back at our ‘getting ready for Christmas’ photos from years gone by.

Wriggler in his 1st Santa hat

Wriggler in his 1st Santa hat

King Wriggler in his 1st Nativity

King Wriggler in his 1st Nativity

1st time Wriggler decorated his own little Christmas Tree

1st time Wriggler decorated his own little Christmas Tree

Wriggler loves wrapping himself up in all the Tinsel

Wriggler loves wrapping himself up in all the Tinsel

Baking 'Happy Months'

Baking ‘Happy Months’

Bruiser in his 1st Santa hat

Bruiser in his 1st Santa hat

Bruiser's 1st Advent Calendar

Bruiser’s 1st Advent Calendar

Meeting Father Christmas

Meeting Father Christmas

Wriggler getting Christmas Crafty

Wriggler getting Christmas Crafty

Wriggler decorating his tree

Wriggler decorating his tree

Angel Bruiser in his 1st Nativity

Angel Bruiser in his 1st Nativity

Watching their personal messages from Father Christmas

Watching their personal messages from Father Christmas


How do you get ready for Christmas? Do you have any little traditions?

I can’t wait now 🙂