Making A Change For The Better (Step 2)

I’m a strong believer that caffeine makes the world go round and let’s face it, life with young children demands caffeine. There’s no getting away from it. All parents are sleep deprived in some way shape or form. We are also so busy that we need that pick me up at some point during the day. Or maybe lots of times during the day… That’s me!!

Bruiser doesn’t sleep well at all, fact. I’m constantly on my feet all day, and trying to keep my head together while two boys litter my head with demands, needs, wants all at the same time as well as dealing with the difficulties Bruiser encounters on a daily basis, the grey matter needs to be in tip-top condition. The last six weeks have seen me turn into a full-time coffee guzzler and I’m usually an occasional tea girl!

Since the little people have returned to school though, I don’t need that pick me up anymore but yet that need for coffee is still there, like an addiction and I don’t like it. Yes im still tired from lack of sleep but I need to cut back on the caffeine. I need to detox!

I already drink a lot more water these days since I made my first change for the better a few months ago. That’s going great. But I need to replace the coffee for something. So, ive bought some green tea with a twist, Twinnings Gingerbread GreenTea!

making a change for the better

I’ve always been a lover of green tea but only ever been able to drink it hot because of the aftertaste when it’s cooled down. But this is lovely and not bitter. Its warming and the aroma makes me feel cosy and relaxed.

Evenings need a change too. I stop drinking coffee after 5pm in an evening otherwise id be bright-eyed all night long. So ive been getting the caffeine fix albeit not as strong from drinking fizzy pop, by the gallons! (its ro refreshing!) I’ve chosen to replace this with juice and Camomile Tea.

making a change for the better

Whilst I’ve never been a Camomile fan, it is relaxing and I hope that it will help me switch off and unwind with the hope I might sleep better for it. Obviously thats when Bruiser is feeling generous in the sleep department anyway.

While i’m also in ‘body is temple’ mood, im drinking my favourite, hot lemon water! In essence its sliced lemon in freshly boiled water. Its great when you’re feeling sluggish and has great detoxifying properties.

making a change for the better

I’m day one into my change and the headaches are already kicking in…. how bad is that?!! But, im hoping by the end of the weekend I will have turned myself around enough and be feeling much better for it.

 Wish me luck!


Making A Change For The Better (Step 1)

making a change

Water is the liquid of life. There is not an inch of exaggeration in that statement!

Although it contains no nutrients, water is a vital part of our diets and most of us don’t get nearly enough. Water makes up half to three-quarters of an adults body and must be topped up on a regular basis.

But, I have a confession to make. I don’t drink water!

Obviously I ‘drink’; tea (lots and lots of tea), green tea, coffee, hot-chocolate, pop, juice, alcohol, milk but, I never just drink water on its own. I have to admit I do find it quite a boring drink, I like flavour.

Just lately though im really feeling sluggish, my skin isn’t great, im tired, feeling bloated, I feel like my head is a shed, I need some get up and go.

I’m not a stranger to benefits that water has, I’ve known them all along, it; hydrates, helps reduce weight, healthy skin, fights infection, gets rid of body toxins, healthy heart, boosts energy, improves productivity, to name a few. I’ve never really put these benefits to the test though.

My Mum used to tell me to drink water all the time. She used to swear by it. She’d have a glass every morning even before her morning brew, she told me it woke up your internal organs and was particularly beneficial to the kidneys. She’d have a glass before every meal, she told me it aided digestion. She always finished the day with a glass before bed, apparently it helped prevent stroke or heart attack.

With all this in mind, I decided I was going to make a change and drink more water, see for myself if it was true. Obviously I know the benefits aren’t made up but I wanted to see for myself what a change it could make to me, to my health and to see if I felt better for it. I’ve always encouraged my children to drink plenty of water, it’s about time I practiced what I preach!

This is the first stage of me making a change for the better and I started it today.

How much water do you drink? Is it enough?


Unwelcome Guests

I’ve got one child of school age, the youngest attends a session of nursery a week, so I’m surprised we’ve made it this long without playing host to them. But, I knew deep down we wouldn’t be able to avoid the inevitable acquaintance for much longer….My boys have, 😦 Nits!

Whilst it’s a normal part of childhood, (I had them when I was little, several times!) there is nothing wrong about it, its nothing to be ashamed of but, I personally am repulsed by them. They’re horrible little things and they’ve invaded my babies!



We were all enjoying a cuddle watching Home Alone when something caught my attention from the corner of my eye on Wriggler’s head. Low and behold there one was. I managed to get it out of his hair and after hearing the ‘clicking’ sound as it squished between my nails, that was it, no more cuddles, where was that comb?

On Bruiser, I found one. But Wriggler had quite a few. How could he have so many, id only checked them both at the weekend and they were both clear. How can it get that bad in only a few days??

Wriggler surprised me though. He was quite glad I think. ‘Im not the only one that’s not had them now’ he proudly said. I suspect he thought he had been missing out.

So off to the chemist we went for some Lyclear… and a walk in the snow 😉

Once home I set about washing and conditioning my own hair and checking with the comb that I too wasn’t infected. I hadn’t stopped scratching all this time. Thankfully I wasnt.

When Daddy came home, we literally got straight on with the job in hand. It said to wash their hair first then apply the cream gel. This was going to prove to be a nightmare as far as treating Bruiser was concerned. He hates having his hair washed and hates more so, us touching around his head and ears in general. Combing Bruiser’s hair wasnt too bad thanks to a tube of smarties! But it was so tedious and an experience I DO NOT want to repeat any time soon

waiting for Lyclear to do its thing!

waiting for the nit solution to do its thing!

As far as those little plastic combs are concerned, well they’re neither use nor ornament. It has been recommended that I invest in one of those metal combs though. I fully intend to!!

So come today, my mission is washing all bedding, hats and cuddly teddys from their beds. Hopefully this will ensure that no more of the little critters remain anywhere to re-emerge at a later date; lets face it, no one wants a squatter!!

Whilst I havent stopped scratching since I made the discovery, the boys are itching much less. That is good. Had a cuddle with Bruiser earlier and one landed on me (Ewwww) it was dead thankfully, another good sign. Just a week of combing daily and another treatment after 7 days to be sure once and for all.

Fingers crossed it was a short stay visit.

So long little critters… Au Revoir!

#DryJanuary… Day 9

So, Day 9. I’m now more than a week into #DryJanuary. I cant say its getting easier. I still find myself wanting a drink. I do wonder though if there wasn’t any in the cupboard if id still feel the same way.

I successfully got my through my night in with my friends on Day 4. It did kill me not been able to join them for a drink. But it was also quite an insight towards the end seeing how giggly they were 🙂

At night, I am beginning to see a difference; I’m not falling asleep half as quick! 😉 In the morning i’m waking up feeling quite refreshed and although i’m not getting straight up, I am lying there wide awake. (I’m a firm believer that when the children are still in bed asleep, I should be too!)

Id like to say that my skin is looking better for it. However, i’m still troffing my way through the remaining Christmas food so its fair to say i’ve got a few breakouts!

Tonight though is feeling particularly hard going. Im feeling hormonal, we’ve had a tough day with Bruiser and his meltdowns. I don’t need one but, I just really really fancy a drink today. Just one!

But I won’t


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So #DryJanuaryDay 3. Its not getting any easier just yet. Last night (day 2) I could smell my dear husbands Baileys from across the room. But I was good and I’ve not seen anywhere in the rules that I cant smell it. On the plus side, the Baileys has now gone. We just have another 5 bottles of various drinks in the cupboard which sit staring at me and, I’m sure if I listen really carefully I can hear them calling my name 😉



Tomorrow night will be probably the biggest challenge of the month I think. I’m having a night out with my closest friends. That usually involves copious amounts of alcohol, curry and laughter. But, I’m confident that good food with good friends will make for an equally brilliant time.

Wish me luck 🙂

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Can I stay off the booze for 31 days??

My Mission; should i choose to accept…. to avoid that cheeky after work pint, that glass of wine on the sofa, or that big boozy night out, for the whole month.


How hard can it be you might say. I thought the same thing when i signed up for #dryjanuary which is being run by Alcohol Concern. But, come January 1st and i’m already thinking that i hadn’t thought it through properly… New Years Day Dinner, no Bucks Fizz for me… Ladies night out at the end of the week 😦

I’m sure it’ll get easier though. I’ve gone longer in the past when I was pregnant and breastfeeding my babies… I went 18mths with Wriggler and almost 2yrs with Bruiser. But I think the easy bit was that i had the reason not to drink growing away inside me or feeding from me. Now all i have is my will power.

So as i type this post, sipping away on a ginger and lemon tea on the evening of my first day almost done, i’m thinking about why i’m doing this;

*To save money? No! Ive never been a big drinker by any stretch of the imagination so, i probably won’t save that much money in the grand scheme of it.

*The benefit to my body and my overall health? No! I don’t think i’ll see a great difference to my waistline or weight in general. When i drink its little and often as opposed to binge drinking. We’ll see though. I’m 9st 4lb as I type this, I’ll weigh myself again at the end. You never know!

*I’ll have more energy? Now, this would be good! Come the evening when kids are in bed and once I’ve eaten, I do usually slump and fall asleep on the sofa. Having said that though, I don’t stop all day long. I’m a Mummy!

The reason i’m doing this is a personal challenge for myself and to raise awareness. The benefits above are more than enough reason to do it on their own. But, alcohol for me has played a big part in my life these last few years (that’s a story for another day) and as such, it has changed my attitude towards it. I will admit that once upon a time i would drink because i ‘needed’ a drink, bad day at work, kids have driven me up the wall, you know the story! But those are the wrong reasons to drink. If I feel the need to have one I don’t and won’t. When i drink its because i genuinely fancy a little drink.

So the mission is set. #dryjanuary it is!


Are you taking part? Its not too late to sign up!