Back To School

It’s been that week of the year again. Back to school for the kiddie winks or the start of a new schooling journey. This year Wriggler started year4, YEAR 4 (*holds head in hands*)!!! and Bruiser was starting full-time school a fresh in reception (*sobs uncontrollably in hands*).

All I wanted was a photo of them both. You know the drill.. stood together in their clean crisp uniforms, smiling away into the camera. How hard could that be?

Between all the blurred body parts, close up faces in camera, bottoms up and backs turned, even Wriggler holding Bruiser in a head lock, there was one common denominator, Wriggler smiling away facing the camera in the back ground. When I finally captured Bruiser stood still, he was deliberately stood directly in front of Wriggler, turning away from the camera and refusing to smile. Wriggler giggling away behind him.

Whilst it isn’t what I was hoping for, it perfectly summed up our morning and my boys in a nutshell. When I look closely, I can actually see the deliberate defiance in Bruisers face!! He really does take stubborn to a whole new level. 😀

I can’t not love this photo.

back to school


A Letter To Bruiser

Dear Bruiser

Today is your first day at school. Your Reception year and full-time school. You looked so smart and grown up in your uniform this morning. You were buzzing with excitement and you couldn’t wait to leave the house. I couldn’t even get a picture of you stood still.

While you enjoy your first morning with your new teacher, im home thinking about you, wondering what you will doing, wondering what you will be learning about. Gone are our days together where we would play, cuddle, watch cartoons, have playdates, take afternoon naps. Gone are our days filled with giggles, trips to the park and baby groups.

Me and Daddy and Wriggler are soooooo incredibly proud of you and what you have achieved in your little life already. The obstacles you have over come. The battles you have fought. Because there was once a time when we never thought this day would come. You were only 5 hours old when the Doctors told us to let you go. But we weren’t ready to let you have wings and I don’t think you wanted them either. We fought for you then and we still fight for you today. Its been the fight of our lives but just look at you now….

You learnt to crawl;


You learnt to walk;

You learnt to wave;

You learnt to talk, your first word was ‘Mam mam’. It was awful when you stopped talking. Overtime though you learnt to communicate using Makaton and that gave you a voice, until you found your voice…

Ryan signing to bath

Bruiser signing to bath

then, you learnt to talk, AGAIN!! Because you really are that amazing!!

You started nursery;

started nursery

With the help from your amazing big brother Wriggler, you learnt to play and imagine;


You learnt to ride a bike;

As we made our journey together through the autism diagnosis process, something that we were beginning to think would never happen, you made a friend. A best friend. A partner in crime. A friend forever. Your ‘Avaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’

best friends


And here you are now on your first day at school…

I’m glad you didn’t cry this morning. You made it so much easier for me. But it broke my heart anyway. It was the start of a whole new chapter in your life. You are no longer a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler. You’re a little boy now and you’re ready to go find your place in this world!

I’m going to miss you my baby.

Love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxx

Makaton Monday ~ Teacher

I love this sign. I’ve been using it for what seems like ages now but Bruiser never has. Whilst preparing him for School over the summer it was one of the signs we showed him and he did do it back to us to show that he could and that he understood but, he never used it spontaneously.

During a walk home from school last week, one of the practitioners from his  old nursery walked past us and said hello to Bruiser and asked how he was enjoying his new school. As we walked away he turned to me and signed ‘teacher old school’ perfectly. Since that moment on he’s used it every day when sharing what he has done at school that morning.

I originally blogged this post back in September, last year. Since then though, role play have become a big part of Bruisers play therapy. Although me and Wriggler have played schools, last week was the first time that Bruiser had wanted to join in and he asked Wriggler to play teachers with him. He was quite happy to sit back and let his brother be the teacher. But one evening he asked me to play with him and he wanted to be the teacher. It was lovely to share that moment with him, as brief as it was. Bruiser read his new book to me and the ‘class’. (the way he crossed his leg did make me chuckle though and subsequently, he put me on time-out!)





Bruiser signing and saying 'Teacher'

Bruiser signing and saying ‘Teacher’ (back in sept 2013)


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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All In A Wee…ks Work

Toilet training isn’t easy for any child or their parents. Most children take it in their stride though and slowly but surely they get there. Toilet training a child with special needs and sensory issues that is more than likely on the ASD spectrum is a whole different ball game and a challenge we were not prepared for.

When Wriggler did his first wee on a potty he was 2yrs and 9mths. Before we knew it, he was dry day and night within two weeks without any accidents. We took exactly the same approach with Bruiser, he will do it when HE is good and ready and not before!

Last year in the lead up to the summer holidays though, I was starting to feel the pressure; from school and other people. ‘Oh he really should be out of nappies when he starts school’ ‘You arent being pro-active enough’ ‘just go for it, he’ll never learn unless you go for it’ ‘let him wet himself, they don’t like wetting themselves’ blah.. blah.. blah..

But after a while (regrettably) I started to take this to heart and so against my principles of ‘he will do when he’s ready’, I attempted to start him toileting.

He really wasnt ready though. Yes he did his first wee on the potty and the toilet and this was quite a novelty for him (and me, I still love the picture of his cheeky little bottom peeking out of his trousers as he stood up to the toilet). But he wasnt ready in his head to do it. I tried jumping him in at the deep end and taking him to school in pants with loads of clothes to change into etc (like people told me to do). He really didn’t like getting wet when he had an accident, this was a big issue. Being wet is a sensory issue for Bruiser generally, he wont even touch the sink in the bathroom if there are water droplets on it, he has to wear gloves when it rains. All this added pressure was making him anxious and upset and very unhappy. He was starting to show signs of regression across the board, so I stopped it all. We went back to pull ups. No more pressure. He was happy again. That was it, no more listening to everyone else, we (hubby and myself) know our child best and we went back to our principles of letting him do it in his own time when he was ready!

Since we tried the toileting last year though, Bruiser has very occasionally used the potty or the toilet. More so when he was with Wriggler as he wanted to copy him but he had a lot of accidents. Then very out of the blue two weeks ago he was playing away in the kitchen and he started to do a wee but stopped himself. He then waddled up to the toilet with his trousers and pull ups around his ankles and finished his wee on the toilet. He was so proud of himself and I gave him a big high-five and LOTS of praise. I do believe now that that was the turning point. That was where it clicked. He continued to use the toilet/potty lots during the days that followed and occasionally even wore big boy pants.

After a few days of on/off success, last Monday I asked him if he wanted to wear big boy pants for school, there was no pressure, it was his call. He said yes. Off he went that morning with three changes of clothes in his bag. He came back with the same clothes in his bag and the same little pants on his bottom! He had achieved his first half day dry. It got even better that afternoon and evening. He had completed his first full day. No accidents or near misses. Another first 🙂

Tuesday morning he went to school just the same. He showed me the sticker chart on the wall that his key worker had made with him Monday. He proudly showed me the stickers he had earned the day previously.

He started to fetch his chart home with him after each morning to show me and his Daddy and Wriggler what he had done. He was very proud of himself and kept saying ‘me like Wriggler now’.

Tuesday afternoon he asked for a nappy though. *whispers… he wanted a no2* He was refusing to let it go in the potty or toilet. This wasnt unusual, he refused to let them go anyway. Passing his no2’s has always been an issue for Bruiser. He would hold to them, tensing himself up walking around doing his ‘poo dance’ as we called it, refusing to letit go. For almost a year we thought he was constipated but as it turned out (for reasons made clear by his OT only very recently) he was refusing to let go and was intentionally holding it in. It was one hell of an afternoon which resulted in a meltdown so bad that he fell asleep on me while I restrained him. Once that was over though, he was back in his pants and back on the toileting mission. I made a huge deal that he had done his no2 in his nappy though and gave him an extra star stamp for it.

all in a wee...ks work

The week continued to go great. He was still dry and still hadn’t had any accidents. Thursday afternoon I was washing pots in the kitchen when I heard Bruiser shout from upstairs (I thought he was in the room watching Octonauts!!) ‘Mumeee I done a big pooooooooooo on my potteeeeeeee’. I ran up the stairs saying you’ve done what? and he was there proudly stood over the potty pointing at it and signing that he had done it!! After lots and lots of praise and high-fives, I put him an extra two star stamps on his chart. Another first, his second of the week! He was making more progress than I ever imagined or dare hope for.

On Friday, Bruiser was awarded Star of the Week for his efforts and his increased independence at school.

all in a wee...ks work

He was over the moon with himself and more so, because he got to fetch Freddie home for the weekend. (Freddie is an empathy doll which accompanies every ‘star of the week’ home for the weekend)

By Sunday evening he had completed his first full week. He had one small accident when he couldn’t get his trousers down quick enough and although he was upset with himself he did get over it really well.

This was it, there was no going back now. He’d made it. He had accomplished more than what we set out for him to do. He was dry and clean through the day, he was dry and clean through the night and he had willingly without any hesitation done his no2’s in the potty too!

He had a wonderful weekend celebrating his efforts with Freddie and even Freddie is now toilet trained 😉

all in a wee...ks work


This week is currently going fantastic too. He has carried on exactly where last week finished.

We as a family are so proud of Bruiser and what he has accomplished. It hasn’t been easy for him and it really has been baby steps all the way but when he was ready, boy was he ready and he did it in probably record time!

Makaton Monday ~ Tree

Last week I went to watch my little Bruiser take part in his first ever Harvest Festival at pre-school.

I knew when Bruiser started pointing out the colours of the leaves on the trees and saying ‘datum’ (Autumn) that they must have been preparing for it at school. I can remember so fondly when Wriggler was at this stage only a few years ago, he was coming home singing all the songs like ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’. But, I knew I wasnt going to get that with Bruiser as he doesn’t sing. He likes singing and signing his favorite nursery rhymes but only as part of a sing-song session, he doesn’t do it randomly when he’s playing or anything like what Wriggler did. Completely out of the blue though about two weeks ago he was driving his toy car up the cupboards in the kitchen and he quietly sang ‘eve fawin down eve fawin down’ (leaves falling down leaves falling down), I knew straight away what he’d said, it was a line from the song Autumn Leaves. It melted my heart, I never thought id hear him sing like that. I asked him to sing it again for me but he refused and signed that he wasnt singing.

When I spoke with his teacher about it she advised that they were indeed singing Autumn Leaves and Bruiser had been showing them the signs for the colours red, brown, yellow, orange and green. They were planning to incorporate the signs into the song. Bruiser was going to be the tree.

Although Bruiser refused to sing again at home, me and Wriggler practiced the songs with him hoping that he would, Wriggler did manage to get him singing and signing the chorus to Big Red Combine Harvester 🙂

Watching him take part in the Harvest Festival was quite emotional. He saw me and his Daddy in the audience but he refused to acknowledge us or wave and didn’t seem even slightly excited that we were there. Whilst thats not unusual, I think he was overwhelmed by all the parents watching. He did do some signing and singing during some of the performance. It was lovely to see the whole class signing away to the songs though. It was great that they had incorporated the signs and made Bruiser feel involved. I know that Bruiser enjoyed it thoroughly because he couldnt stop talking about it when we got home.


Bruiser at his Harvest Festival

Bruiser at his Harvest Festival





Bruiser signing 'Tree'

Bruiser signing ‘Tree’


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

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  • You can download some Harvest Festival signs from the Makaton website by following this link


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Ethans Escapades

Makaton Monday ~ Friend

Bruiser is really enjoying school, FACT!! He does take some time to separate from me and this gets him rather distressed some days but he’s getting better. He’s got a favorite adult he likes to go to now and she is just brilliant with him.

His teacher tells me he is doing really well too. He signs lots and his verbal communication is coming along great and he’s doing  lots of talking. This is great for Bruiser, he obviously feels confident enough to sign and talk with the adults in his setting even so early on.

I remember seeing the look on the practitioners face in the last TAC meeting we had when we discussed his transition into pre-school when she discovered his ‘signabulary’ consisted of over 500 signs!! She was Makaton trained but felt that she was going to need to brush up on it over the summer ready to work with him. Whatever preparation they did at their end though to help Bruiser’s transition it’s worked very well!

Bruiser has even started to make a few friends. I say friends ‘hesitantly’ because these aren’t go to children that he instantly just got along with. Bruiser doesn’t interact like that. Whilst he does occasionally play alongside other children in pre-school, it’s a couple of children on the walk home that he is slowly building little friendships with.  It took a few weeks, but they now ride their scooters together, they play hide and seek in the cemetery, they run around together. He doesnt really talk to them yet but, you can see that he wants to, you can see it in his face and his body language. I’m hoping that as his confidence around other children grows his ability to interact with them will too. One step at a time though!

Last week after we’d left his friends and made our way to our house, he turned to me and signed that they were his friends.  It was someting that I never expected to hear him say, it brough tears to my eyes.





Bruiser signing 'Friend'

Bruiser signing ‘Friend’


Sign/Symbol used with the kind permission of the © The Makaton Charity 2012

For any help or advice in respect of Makaton, please contact the Makaton Charity directly.



Star Of The Week

We are only three and a half weeks into the new school year. I’ve mentioned before that Bruiser has started pre-school. It’s not been plain sailing for him, whilst he was initially excited about starting school and his first week went really well all things considered, the novelty has well and truly gone now. The reality that he has to go every day has not been a happy thought for him. Every morning he’s said ‘me day ome mumee’. He’s struggled to part from me in a morning, he’s cried, he’s screamed, he’s been angry and he’s even refused to get dressed or walk to school some mornings. That said, he has still enjoyed himself once he was there and the separation was over.

I have to admit though that biggest thing that concerned me about him starting pre-school was communication. Bruiser doesn’t communicate when he doesn’t feel confident in his surroundings or when around strangers and for him all those new children and the staff were strangers to him. He’d briefly seen the staff before the summer during his transition process but that was a while ago for Bruiser. By the end of his first week though his teacher reported that he was doing great, he was signing lots with the staff. It was a great relief to hear that, he was feeling confident enough to sign, so that was a great start. Bruiser was happy which means Mummy was happy!

Each week that has passed i’ve had great reports of him signing, he’s even showed them the colour signs of red, orange, yellow and brown to incorporate into their Harvest Festival songs. His teacher has also reported that hes been doing some great talking too! This is Huge for Bruiser. His talking has exploded over recent weeks, more so since the start of the summer holidays. But, I didn’t expect him to be talking so much in school just yet though. He never ceases to amaze me.

This week, Bruiser was awarded Star of the Day and Week for using… LOTS of words and doing LOTS of TALKING!!! He came out of his class beaming from ear to ear proudly holding his certificate and Freddie. (Freddie is a doll that the children get to bring home when they are ‘star of the day or week’, he comes with clothes to dress him and a diary for us to write a short paragraph of what they’ve been doing together.)

Everyone has always commented about Bruiser’s signing, how much he knows, how good he is etc but, now he’s getting recognition for his talking! Slowly and surely he’s getting there. I could not be more proud of him.

star of the day

They say a picture can speak a thousand words…. this is one of them!


Bruiser’s Started Pre-School

Where exactly did the summer holidays go? More to the point, where exactly did the last three and half years go?

I had the most wonderful six weeks with my boys. I love having them both at home with me. I miss Wriggler terribly when he’s at school and each school holiday is a constant reminder of just how much. I was also quite conscious that this was the last time id have Bruiser at home until half term in October. I really did not want it to end.

During the holidays, we spent a lot of quality time preparing Bruiser for the transition to pre-school. We looked through his transition booklet (this was a collection of photos taken by his previous key worker in nursery of the pre-school rooms, equipment and staff), we bought him his school bag, we got him trying on his uniform, we taught him the relevant Makaton signs he would need. Bruiser was really excited and looking forward to it. He kept saying ‘me go goooo’ (me go school). We did have moments though where he kept saying he didn’t want to go to school and even the night before he told me he wanted to stay home with me and believe me that was a very tempting offer!

That first morning though, he couldn’t contain the excitement when he came downstairs and his school clothes were all laid out waiting for him, he bearly ate his breakfast because he wanted to get dressed. Me on the other hand, I was struggling to hold it together. Id spent a lot of the holidays in denial that this was going to happen at all!

Hubby drove us to school and left us at the gates and the boys walked in together holding hands with smiles beaming across their little faces.

I was so proud of him as I left him in pre-school. He got a little anxious because there was so many people all at once, I think he was feeling overwhelmed. He didn’t want to part from me and he did get a little upset but he happily let me hand him over to his teacher for a cuddle and he waved me and Wriggler good-bye as we left the room.

I have to admit that leaving him there on that first morning was far more emotional than I had anticipated or prepared myself for. Four years ago, when Wriggler started preschool, that was emotional, I was 10 weeks pregnant with Bruiser too so hormones were fueling all the emotions. But I had my Mum there holding my hand whilst I said a tearful good-bye to him. This time It was Wriggler holding my hand and giving it a little squeeze as I said goodbye to Bruiser.

I like to think that my Mum was there, watching over us too.

Makaton Monday ~ School

‘School’ is a sign Bruiser has known for a while now. It was introduced very early on. This week though it seemed appropriate to mention it… because, Bruiser has finally accepted ‘School’ as part of his routine and now willingly goes in without a fuss.

Bruiser has been attending our local children’s centre for a single session a week for two years now. But, he has been attending more so recently for his 3yr funded sessions since easter in preparation for him attending pre-school in september. (15hrs a week) It has not been a smooth easy process thus far. He has resisted it and fought against it every which way. Its turned home life upside down. Its turned the school run into a nightmare for us all. But, in the week before half term (2 weeks ago) he finally accepted it. He just turned up for to nursery and went in happy, he left me without any screaming crying or a meltdown. This actually coincided with him sleeping through the whole night undisturbed for the first time in almost six months. Coincidence?

After the half term holiday I expected everything to return back to how it was. It didn’t!! (happy days) Last week he looked forward to going back to nursery and on that first day back was waiting all ready with his bag on his shoulders signing ‘School’ repeatedly. He even argues with his brother about who goes in first! 😀

It’s lovely to see him go in so happy and want to be there. I’m yet to see him integrate with the other children and join in with them of his own accord. One thing at a time though hey!





Bruiser signing 'gool' (SCHOOL)

Bruiser signing ‘gool’ (SCHOOL)


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Wrigglers First Residential

I’m writing this post with a heavy heart this morning. My little boy, my baby went on his first over night school trip only hours ago *sobs very loudly*

Apart from one sleepover with some close friends, he has never slept away from home ever and apart from when I was in hospital with Bruiser, I’ve never spent a night without him.

From the moment the trip was announced though he wanted to go and as the time drew nearer the excitement increased. Last night it was over flowing! He could barely eat his tea. Once he was bathed and ready for bed I helped him pack his case.

As expected he was up VERY early this morning. He came bouncing into our room before 6am saying ‘ITS TODAY!!, can I go down and get ready?’ After a quick cuddle, he did just that. In the time it took me to get up and come down stairs, he was dressed and sat with his case and bags waiting for breakfast! He barely ate anything though.

Before long he was good to go… excitement bursting out of him!

Off to school we went 🙂

wrigglers residential

It was an emotional farewell waving him off on the coach with his friends.

wrigglers residential

I know he’s going to have a wonderful time. He will be taking part in Archery, Zip Lining, Orienteering, Treasure Hunts and he will be having his first Campfire in the evening!! I’m actually really excited for him. But im going to miss him soooo very much!


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Wrigglers Special Mention

This is my first time linking up so a big Hello.

My 1st Magic Moment is about my son Wriggler. Last week he got a ‘special mention’ in his schools Celebrations Assembly for some fantastic work he had done in class that week.  Wriggler is a born creator and loves all things art and crafty so, designing a hotel as part of their ‘holidays and around the world’ topic was right up his street. He did a wonderful job.

 They invite parents to watch their little ones collect their Head Teachers Award 🙂

I very proudly watched from the back of the hall

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magic moments


New Beginnings

This week for our family heralded the start of new eras for three of us. Me Wriggler & Bruiser.

For Bruiser, it was the start of his education! Yes he has started his nef funded nursery sessions. Whilst thankfully it’s not technically preschool I will be loosing my little side kick for 15 hours a week. He will be doing his sessions in our local children’s centre where he currently attends. For him its familiar surrounding and people and given that he doesn’t like change, I think will help make the transition to actual preschool so much easier. It will get him used to the routine of going to a structured setting and hopefully by the time he makes the transition to preschool next door, I wont have to listen to him screaming his little lungs off outside the building when I leave him each day! 😦 *sniff sniff*

For Wriggler, he started a group called Sibling Support. It’s a special group run by Barnardo’s, that he will attend for next few months where he will learn with other children about their siblings disabilities. Wriggler’s group is for children whose siblings are autistic. Whilst we don’t have an offical diagnosis yet for Bruiser, this is about preparing Wriggler for what lies ahead and help him better understand his little brother. They have professionals in to talk to the children and they can ask them anything they want. They also talk about how it affects their lives, and why their brother/sister is like they are. I think he’s going to know more than us soon. They do lots of crafts to support their learning and even give them their tea. Wriggler took along ‘doggy’ and ‘frank’ his cuddly companions on his first session but it turned out that he loved it. He doesn’t think that he will be needing their company the next time goes as he has already made some friends. 🙂

For Me, I start my journey to become a Makaton Tutor. I will be starting the official Makaton Training this week. Whilst in the last 9 months I have become quite proficient at Makaton using it with Bruiser to communicate, I am self-taught (with a little assitance from Bruiser’s speech and language therapist) and I don’t know nearly half as much as need to, to more effectively communicate with Bruiser. So I am doing it properly and starting right at the bottom with the beginners course. This will assist us all as a family immensely when I start sharing with Wriggler and my Hubby and we can begin to use it with Bruiser more and more. I am really really excited about this and I cant wait to start! Wish me luck and watch this space for updates 😉


A Package of Love

Trying to find inspiration to make your child eat a healthy and balanced lunch at school takes a lot of time and effort. You have to balance the requirements of what you would like your children to eat, with what your children wants to eat. Make it attractive to eat, whilst also trying to ward off the school lunch police!!

According to nutritionists, a balanced packed lunch should contain:

  • Starchy foods. These are bread, rice, potatoes and pasta.
  • Protein foods. These are meat, fish, eggs, beans and others.
  • A dairy item. This could be cheese or yogurt.
  • Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.

Whilst this all makes for good common sense, it’s actually harder than it sounds.

I’ve discovered with my son Wriggler, through trial and error, that he is much more likely to eat food that takes little effort. Remember, they are on a time frame, they need to eat and get back out to play with their friends asap… the longer they spend eating the less time they have to play!

Here are my tips on making packed lunches that are fun, attractive and appetising!

  • All great packed lunches start life in a fun, attractive lunch bag with matching drinks bottle. This year Wriggler chose Angry Birds (as did most of his friends!)

  • Prepare lunches the night before. This gives them a cold start to the following day and therefore they remain fresher longer! and thus its one less thing for you to do in the morning.
  • I make 2 slices of bread for sandwiches with either ham cheese or jam (on 50/50 bread). I make them into either small little squares or triangles, perfect for their little hands. Or you can be adventurous as I have in the past and made them Ben10 Omnitrix style, cut into a large circle and then triangles!

(if your child really really doesn’t like crusts, just cut them off, it’s not the end of the world is it? and… they are more likely to eat all or more of their sandwiches without them!!)

  • No packed lunch is complete without a small bag of crisps or baked savory snack. Wriggler prefers Wotsits or Hoola hoops
  • A Yogurt or Fromage-Frais. this gives them their dairy portion and tops up their calcium and vitamin D, to help keep their bones and teeth healthy.
  • A pealed satsuma / clementine, or a little tub of grapes, a box of raisins perhaps.
  • A chopped raw vegetable ie carrot or cucumber sticks.

(remember time is of the essence hence the peeling and slicing)

  • Water bottle with some very very diluted (sugar free) juice in.

I’m all for making sure my little ones drink lots of water, but sometimes even I find it boring. I add a little juice to the water purely to add some flavor so they get a great tasting drink and I don’t have to worry about their teeth in the process.

  • That’s the main criteria covered for their lunch… But, sometimes I like to add a treat. Previous experience tells me that little tiny (and I mean tiny) bags of say chocolate buttons get taken away by the lunch police and thrown away as do chocolate biscuits like breakaways or clubs, so I disguise this little treat in a bun or scone.  A little cupcake / muffin with a few added chocolate chips makes them feel like they’ve had a treat and they’re more than likely to get to eat it!

My ‘Package of Love’ especially for my little man

This does all sound like a lot for a little one to eat. Most days Wriggler will eat it all but some days he only manages a few things. To make sure that he gets the energy he’s going to need for the afternoon from his food, I have an agreement whereby he must eat his sandwiches as a minimum and then if he’s not that hungry, 2 of the other options from his lunch bag. He usually picks his crisps and yogurt. He will then eat his fruit and treat on the way home from school.

How do you pack your little one up for school? do you have any tips to share?

Back to School

This week im linking up this post, my FIRST blog post ever with the #MagicMoments linky.

When I started blogging despite already having lots of posts drafted and ready to publish I was undecided over what to go with first. It seemed appropriate that I started my blog about our family life and the memories and milestones that we shared together, with a memory and milestone… Back to School.


This week heralds the start of the new school year for Wriggler. Year 2 and his last year of the infants. My baby is growing up way too quick!

As much as I absolutely love having him at home and I miss him terribly when he is at school I’m actually looking forward to the routine that the school run brings. Although Bruiser is going to be absolutely lost without his best friend and soul mate.

Getting all his uniform ready and labelled takes me back to his very first day at pre-school. It’s then that I realise how much he has grown in the last few years. All his baby traits are well and truly gone and I have a boy on my hands!

All ready for his first session at Pre-School aged three and a half

All ready for his first session at Pre-School (age 3)

What a difference a year makes... first day at full time school... Foundation Stage, aged four and a half!

What a difference a year makes… first day at full time school… Foundation Stage, (age 4)

First day in Year 1, aged 5yrs.

First day in Year 1 (age 5)


I wonder what Wednesday’s picture will look like….


Updated 2nd September 2013

For those wondering what Wednesdays picture looked like, here it is….

First day in Year 2

First day in Year 2 (age 6)